Cardiff Sixth Form College’s phenomenal A-level results

Cardiff Sixth Form College’s phenomenal A-level results

Cardiff Sixth Form College continues to lead the way in A-level attainment with another set of phenomenal results.

This year our students achieved:
A*: 58%
A*- A: 95%
A*- B: 99%

Cardiff Sixth Form College has been topping the Independent Schools League Tables since 2010 and we are hoping that this year’s cohort will continue this fine tradition of academic excellence. But it is the individual success stories behind the figures that matters the most. Our students will be joining a wide range of courses at some of the most prestigious Universities in the UK and overseas, including Oxbridge, LSE, Imperial, Warwick, HKU. This is a culmination of months of hard work and a first important step towards a new exciting and challenging intellectual journey.

Mrs Yasmin Sarwar, Co-Founder and Director of the college, remarked: ‘I am delighted at the continued remarkable success of the college, and, congratulate the students and the staff on their hard work, dedication and fantastic results.’ ‘Our formula is simple; promote a teacher-led, curriculum focused approach, with above average contact teaching time.’

Mrs Sarwar and the college are extremely proud of the achievements of its students who are stimulated by the spirit of friendly competition with one another while sharing the same goal; to achieve the very best of which they are capable.