D’overbroeck’s college’s A-level results

D’overbroeck’s college’s A-level results

A level results

Heartiest congratulations to all of our Upper Sixth leavers who are busy celebrating an excellent set of A level results. They have reaped the rewards of all the work that they have put in over the last two years, and they have done themselves – and us – very proud.

What really matters, of course, are the individual stories that each and every student will have: elation about what they have achieved and excitement about the next step in their lives which is now within reach. And over the next few days, we will no doubt post some of these stories on the website: stories of glittering rows of A*s, of university aspirations realised and of personal bests achieved.

For now, here are just a few general highlights (with apologies for the bragging, which must be put down to results-day-euphoria!):


Out of 121 candidates:

  • Nearly 25% of all entries came in at A*;
  • 13 students gained 3 or more A*s;
  • 2 students achieved a full house of 4A*s;
  • 40 students (that is 1 in 3 of our Upper Sixth leavers) gained at least 3 A*/As;
  • We know that almost all of our Oxbridge candidates have fulfilled the conditions of their offers and had their places confirmed. Fingers crossed for the last two who are still waiting to hear;
  • The top haul award goes to the Geography department with 10A*s out of a total of 15 candidates (and nothing below a B).


And, of course, we mustn’t forget the AS results – which were also fantastic and bode really well for this coming year’s Upper Sixth!

Once again, heartfelt congratulations and a huge ‘well done’ to all the students and, for the Upper Sixth leavers, best of luck with whatever you are going on to do next!