The English Section

UKiset tests a student’s English level using the Cambridge English Placement test.

Developed by Cambridge English, globally renowned for their expertise in language assessment, the UKiset Cambridge English Placement test is a computer-adaptive test that provides schools with a candidate’s CEFR level from Pre-A1–C2. They also receive an overall score out of 100.

*CEFR – The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

With this information the schools are able to asses whether or not the applicant’s level of English is such that they can provide sufficient EAL support to them when they join the school.

The Placement test is online and students have up to 30 minutes to complete the test:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Use of English (vocabulary, spelling and grammar)
  • The students then have to complete a handwritten piece on a topic that is provided on the day of the test. The student must write a minimum number of words on this topic dependent on their age:
9 – 11 years old minimum 100 – 150 words
12 – 15 years old minimum 200 – 250 words
16 – 18 years old minimum 300 – 350 words

The creative writing piece will be sent to schools with the UKiset School Report.

Some schools have very strong EAL Departments that provide students with language support from day one. Others prefer a student to have a higher level of English if they are to offer them a place.

Improving an applicant’s English language level can improve their overall UKiset results.

The verbal reasoning section of any test is always an obstacle for students with English as a second language. The UKiset reports provide parents and schools with a UKiset score with and without the Verbal Reasoning section.