A student can take UKiset if:
  • They want to enter a British independent day school
  • They want to enter a British boarding school
  • They want to enter a language school or International study centre in the UK
  • For their own knowledge, they want to know how they compare to their British counterparts
  • They want to set an objective to see how they progress over the year before entering an educational institution that communicates in English
  • Their English teacher would like to set targets to be achieved every six months to ensure the student achieves their very best

The test compares a student’s intelligence and capabilities to that of their British counterparts. It also tests their English language skills and provides schools with their current CEFR level.

A non-English speaking school can use UKiset to assess their students’ level of intelligence and English, adding value to their progress over the years when they are at that school.