Global Young Leaders course

Our Global Young Leaders course, now in its eighth year, combines critical thinking and debating. The course is aimed at students with an Upper-Intermediate to native speaker level of English and any level of public speaking and debating.In our debating lessons, students take part in group discussions, speaking activities and leadership exercises to develop key public speaking skills, including structuring arguments, choosing appropriate styles and using rhetorical strategies. All of these are practiced through competitive debates, after which teachers provide detailed feedback to individual students.

In our critical thinking lessons,students study major ideologies and policies in open discussion, allowing students to explore different points of view and question ideas. Through considering articles, literature and the media, students learn to identify conflicting beliefs, evaluate the key arguments behind positions, and understand the principles behind global issues.




Global Young Leaders [Boys and girls 8-13]
Course Course code Arrival Departure Fees
Debating and Critical Thinking GYL 201 6th July 20th July £2,500
This course will now be based at Dulwich College GYL 203 20th July 3rd August £2,500

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