Alexanders College

English 4 Exams, English Plus


English 4 Exams

Students may opt for a course preparing them for a specific examination. The exam levels offered are: KET, FCE, CAE and IELTS. It should be noted that any student opting for any course will be expected to be at a suitable level for the chosen exam.

Students study on a 21 hour English exam preparation course in classes with a maximum of 8 students. Students study the English required to pass 1 of 4 examinations: the Cambridge exams PET (Preliminary English Test), FCE (First Certificate in English), CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) or the IELTS exam required to enter a British University. Students also join Multi-Activities for 3 hours each week.


English Plus

English Plus is our flagship residential English language tuition option, as it provides students with an incredible mix of academic and outdoor activities, supervised by world-class coaches and tutors.

English Plus includes 15 hours of English tuition as well as a minimum of 6 hours per week of a chosen activity:

English Plus Watersports
Qualified instructors teach sailing and kayaking at our on-site RYA accredited Watersports Centre.

English Plus Horseriding
Students learn the basics of horseriding and stable management before learning how to jump and ride out at Poplar Park Equestrian Centre.

English Plus Football
Qualified coaches teach individual skills team tactics in conditioned games.

English Plus Tennis
Qualified professionals teach through practice drills and conditioned games with weekly tennis tournaments.

English Plus Golf
Golf professionals at Ufford Park Golf Centre provide coaching, with more experienced golfers playing the course.

English Plus Art
IInstruction is provided in drawing and painting, collage, 3-D work and beach projects

English Plus Music
Students use their talents in music to prepare a performance to the school.

English Plus Dance
Choreographed dance sessions, from street to salsa..

English Plus Multi-Activities
Students can participate in a selection of arts options and sports including basketball, orienteering, volleyball and badminton.

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