About Samuel Chan

“As former boarding school pupils and graduates of UK universities ourselves, we are delighted to assist you in exploring the worthwhile option of quality schooling for your children overseas.”

Hello, my name is Samuel Chan and I am the founder of Britannia StudyLink.

I first went to the UK at the age of nine and spent eight years at Gresham’s Preparatory School in Norfolk. I progressed smoothly through the British education system, ending up at the University of Nottingham where I studied for a degree in Economics. I subsequently completed my postgraduate studies at the University of Warwick.

Upon finishing my thesis, I taught briefly at an International School and due to my knowledge of the British Schooling system, I was quickly appointed by several international schools in China as a consultant. I was also invited by various media institutions to share my own insights on international education.

With the passage of time, I came to realise that the Hong Kong agency market was too much of an oligopoly where few major players were dominating the market. This was certainly an unhealthy state of affairs because education exhibitions were very infrequent and they were the only viable means for families to apply to schools in the UK. Agencies tended to employ staff who knew very little about the schools they were recommending, and, as is still commonplace today, stats and league tables were perhaps the most common indicator they used. Agencies merely considered numbers without due regard for an applicant’s personality and preferences.

My thinking was that our students – indeed our scientists, teachers, doctors and technicians of the future – deserve so much better than what they were getting. And so Britannia StudyLink was founded to provide an unbiased and informative school selection platform for Hong Kong families.

Britannia’s rise to being the passionate and respected education group today is a result of three years’ blood, sweat and tears. I spent 12 months in the UK knocking on the doors of over 200 schools. As they had only ever been accustomed to accepting a handful of students a year from our region, they were understandably reluctant to collaborate with education groups. Luckily, word-of-mouth came up trumps and word got around very quickly about Britannia’s professional and caring approach. Within 18 months we had almost every school on our books and have placed a whopping 300 students into over 70 schools. Perhaps our most astounding achievement is that we have signed up schools which had never recruited through agencies before in Hong Kong. I must give credit and heartfelt praise to my team of passionate councillors.

My beliefs and core values are simple and shall remain that way. We will always visit the schools we recommend. As much as we respect our school partners, we do not simply recommend schools based on what we are presented with, be it kind words, glossy brochures or impressive websites. We board aeroplanes and visit schools ourselves to make sure Hong Kong families get what they expect and deserve. Every single child that is guided and advised by Britannia is given the utmost attention and time. We do not watch the clock or try to get people out of the door as quickly as possible. Selecting a school is a decision which cannot be made overnight. Britannia’s growth has been phenomenal and I am responsible for balancing my team members’ workload with strict adherence to our company ethos.

As former boarding school pupils and graduates of UK universities ourselves, we are delighted to assist you in exploring the worthwhile option of quality schooling for your children overseas.