Abingdon School

Information and location
Set in peaceful and charming surroundings close to Albert Park, Abingdon, the independent day and boarding Abingdon School can be found delivering first-class education to boys.

With a commitment to a broad education and academic success, the School very much values hard work and dedication to the cause.

Oxford is a short 15-20 minutes bus journey away.

Boarding and international students
With day houses and three grand boarding houses (Crescent, Davies’ and School), over 130 boys enjoy the unique nature and independence of boarding life at Abingdon.

The boarding houses are run a housemaster and his family, a matron and a team of tutors, including at least one resident. Tutors live close by and get to know the boys socially through evening and weekend duties. Tutors are also the first point of contact for parents, though the housemasters are available too.

The community life amongst boarders is particularly flourishing and getting stronger day by day. A range of activities are arranged for boarders in the evenings and at weekends. The programme has recently included sailing, trips to London and Oxford, bowling, paintballing, punting and social events with girls’ schools. There are also “in-house” activities organised within the boarding community itself. Summer barbecues, inter-house sports and film nights are ever popular. Even within the boarding houses, boarders are never short of things to do with pool and table-tennis tables, as well as table football and computers.

Academic matters
With an impressive 23 students from Abingdon going on to Oxbridge Colleges in 2014, there are signs that the School is becoming top-rank.
The traditional GCSE and A-level route is favoured by Abingdon. Boys normally study ten subjects at GCSE level and take them in their stride.

Extra-curricular pursuits
Often referred to as “the other half” by those unique to Abingdon, the extra-curricular side of school life is thriving.

Over 100 activities are offered to mostly sport-hungry boys. External sports coaches with specialist skills offer expertise in football, cricket, hockey and sailing, among many other disciplines.

In terms of the creative arts, the past five years have seen an average of 8 productions per year, where all are welcome to participate regardless of ability.
There are a range of clubs and societies in full swing, including Chess Club, Boardgaming and Model United Nations.


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