Bede’s Senior School

Background: An Aesthetic Jewel.
Bede’s Senior School is a co-educational independent school located in 140 acres of its own grounds in the Sussex Downs, which has been categorised as an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Scientific Interest.

There are approximately 750 students, with 300 of them boarding. Not only does the site possess over forty buildings, but it also has it own lake and 5 boarder houses, an animal management centre, and state-of-the art sporting complex.

The school has been the recent beneficiary of an award for outstanding excellence in architectural design on a national level.

Education: A Pedigree for Excellence
An expansive and ever growing curriculum provides just about every imaginable course and subject at GCSE level, with 40 subjects on offer, and a further 75 at A Level. The school has important educational ties with King’s College, London, having forged a collaborative partnership in areas of both teaching and training.

The core subjects at the school are science, mathematics, modern foreign languages, English Language and English literature.

Recent exam results in both GCSE and A Level have been some of the best in the country, with many of their students going onto the top universities, with Oxford and Cambridge proving to be the next milestone in their educational development.

Sports: Future Stars
The school has an impressive stable of young sportsmen and sportswomen, with many being prepared for national and Olympic representation. There are currently five sports academies at the school: cricket, football, hockey, netball and tennis.

There are fifteen clubs, some of which are shooting, basketball, sailing and skiing. The onsite sporting facilities are considered some of the best in the region.

Extracurricular:  No Expense Spared
The arts studio is seen as one of the best equipped in the whole of the country, and the theatre department boasts one of the leading lighting directors in the world.  Such is the passion for drama at the school, than they put on no less than twelve productions a year.

Among the more traditional aspects of independent schools music programmes Bede’s Senior School also has jazz choirs, jazz bands and contemporary dance, taking into account that such a large school population will have varying tastes.


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