Bedstone College

Background: Tradition and Modernity
Bedstone College is a coeducation independent school near the historic town of Ludlow in Shropshire. The main school building, in which the various administrative departments are to be found, is a Victorian date house, with newer buildings from early 20th century to more modern additions giving the school a sophisticated, yet friendly appeal.

Boarders, which make up 18% of the student intake, are catered for by onsite house families with whom they live, and even receive their own personal tutors, ensuring a successful melding of both the social and academic spheres.

Academic: A Scholastic Approach
The school had a stand-out 2013/2014 academic year with an incredible 100% pass rate, with over 54% gaining straight A’s at A Level. Core subject choices are standard with one or two differences, with Religious Studies figuring on the current curriculum. Many students choose their additional subjects from Art, DT, History and Sports Studies among other possibilities.

Sport: Taking Part, Not Winning
While the school has run a sports programme which has seen success at both local and regional level, in recent years it has become much more focused on student participation. Given the huge amount of sports options to choose from   – there are now teams representative of sixty disciplines – even those not inclined to fully engage are able to find something to interest them.

Extracurricular: A Love of the Artistic
The school is a big follower of the Duke of Edinburgh programme and makes the most of its location. Additional extracurricular activities include bike rides, hikes and rock climbing trips.

The school has a good choice of music and singing programmes, and is especially proud of its art department. The idea of creativity being central to personal development is keenly thrust upon the students from the earliest age. Theatre studies can be taken with Trinity Guildhall examinations, whilst all of its music courses can be taken through ABRSM from Prep to the final Diploma level.


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