Brooke House College

Building Its History
Brooke House College is a co-educational independent school which is set in grounds full of vibrant greenery and with an accompaniment of modern buildings which house onsite chemistry labs, physics labs, a football academy and the requisite boarding houses.

It has existed for fifty years, and in that relatively short space of time has been busy establishing itself as one of the premier educational independent schools. It is situated in the scenic and historical market town of Market Harborough in Leicestershire, with excellent rail links throughout the Midlands.

Academic Matters
Lessons are delivered to classes who sizes never exceed more than twelve, which helps the teachers assess any problematic areas regardless of the subject taken. Each class has their own Senior Teachers and Team leaders, who communicate daily about the needs and developments among their assigned students.

At GCSE level the following subjects are the most popular:  Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Combined Sciences, English, Geography, IT, Business Studies and Art. At A Level students can study Photography, Computing, Sociology, Government and Political Studies, Psychology and Economics.

There is the IE course, which is an intensive English language course bringing students up to scratch before embarking on a mainstream course of education into GCSE or A Level. The school has a fast track programme called the University Foundation Programme which ensures entry into a British University system within one year of study for students from overseas.

A full and regular schedule of sport and activities are available, with shooting, basketball, badminton and tennis proving the most popular sporting disciplines.

Drama and horse riding have become especially dominant in recent years, much of which has to do with the superb facilities and first rate professionals on hand.

Accommodation Concerns
Students under 18 are accommodated on site, while those over the age of 18 (with parental consent) are housed off site.

All houses come with their own internal personnel, and have fully fitted community rooms – widescreen TVs, sofas and more – kitchens, dining areas, exterior rear eating areas and laundry rooms. Each house is governed by a student representative in conjunction with a house warden.


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