Cats College Cambridge

A Rich History
CATS College (Cambridge) is an international co-educational organisation which specialises in helping students from over 35 countries improve their English language skills as they study subjects they wish to take at universities across the UK.Set in the very heart of one of the most historic university cities in Britain, with the world renowned university as its closest neighbour and with St. John’s College opposite, CATS College is set against a background of educational brilliance and inspiration.

An Academic Pedigree
Of considerable interest are three specialised programmes which include the Medics Programme for students interested in studying to become a doctor, the Veterinary Science programme and the Dentistry programme. Especially useful to students wishing to gain entry into Cambridge or nearby Oxford University is the Oxbridge Programme, where students wishing to apply for Cambridge or Oxford can seek invaluable advice on how best to achieve their aims.

There is also the Key Professions programme which centres on students interested in careers in Law, Accountancy and Finance and Banking.

Excellent Facilities/Accommodation
For students under 18 years of age there are currently 230 single rooms with en suite facilities in the newly built Elizabeth House. For catered students meals are taken on campus, medical assistance is available around the clock and the campus is a short ten minute walk away. For students under 16 years of age they are accommodated in Chesterton Lodge, which is a communal house with single rooms, a communal lounge, kitchen and dining area. This is a 20 minute walk from the main campus and college amenities. Varsity House caters for 16 – 17 year olds, with 18 year olds being able to choose from Varsity or Masters House, all of which are single rooms with laundry provisions and full internet access.

Wide Range of Sports/Activities
Music lessons for beginners or advanced students are available, as is a full time-table of daily sports, including football, rugby, badminton and martial arts. Recreational pastimes include ballet, yoga, cooking, Society on Screen, chess and photography. Students can also join a variety of clubs such as Drama, Dance, Media and the Outdoors, with many more also available.



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