Christ College

Christ College is a co-educational independent school situated in beautiful settings, a short walk from the market town of Brecon. The school sits on the banks of the River Usk, amid old and modern buildings, a truly spectacular location for learning.

There are at present twenty-two AS/A-level subjects to choose from, with core subjects at GCSE being Maths, English, PSE, ICT, RS and Science.

The school has excellent learning support strategies in place, all of which are organised and implemented through the Support Study Centre, in which groups are usually taught in classes of four students, though the maximum total per class can go as high as eight students.

The school has had impressive results of late, and has seen many of its graduates go on to first choice universities, with a good percentage continuing in their further education pursuits into Cambridge or Oxford.

The extracurricular programmes are packed with many different types of sports, arts and pastimes. The Duke of Edinburgh scheme has proved to be very popular, with large numbers of both male and female students taking the Gold Award in the sixth form.

The school is very much invested in drama, putting on its own productions three or four times a year, many of which involve huge casts.

Musically the school has a number of programmes and courses, including orchestras, ensembles, choirs, instrumental teaching and singing.

There are eleven main sports to choose from including athletics, badminton, basketball, hockey, netball and football.

Out of School
The school has long maintained that travel is essential in shaping the students’ understanding of their place in the world, which is why they have a very comprehensive list of trips and visits abroad each year. These trips are planned according to the year of the students, and the function of the trip, be it related with sport, education or other fields.

For example there are Biology field trips, battlefield trips, Geography Field trips, Theatre trips, rugby trips, and skiing trips among many other exciting and fascinating excursions.

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