Gordonstoun is fully co-educational and is one of the few remaining full boarding schools in the UK for pupils aged 8 to 18. Since the foundation of Gordonstoun by Kurt Hahn in 1934, the breadth of the School’s curriculum has certainly maintained its astounding challenge and variety which sets the School apart from its rivals. Indeed, one parent has written: ‘I chose Gordonstoun for my child not just for its academic achievements but because I felt the staff truly embrace the school’s philosophy with a passion and the students experience a rounded, challenging curriculum which will stay with them for life.’. Modern schooling at Gordonstoun is not an academic education with an added ‘extras’ curriculum, but is rather a full curriculum promoting academic ambition and an inspiring outdoor education programme. It may surprise you to know that the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was based on Gordonstoun’s model of outdoor education.

The current Principal of Gordonstoun, Simon Reid, is convinced of the place of Hahn’s philosophy in the 21st century: ‘Our academic programme aims to throw open the doors to life beyond Gordonstoun as widely as possible. But if the last 20 years of technological change have shown us anything, it is that the world in which our young people will grow up in is ever more fast-changing and unpredictable. We have to teach them about decision-making and adaptability. At Gordonstoun you learn that on the hill when your team are not in agreement about the right way to go; you learn that on the seas working with your crew to put the sail up and make the dinner; and you learn that laying water pipes in a Thai jungle. My aim is for our pupils to leave school with a better understanding of working in teams, making decisions and self-awareness than most 18-year-olds could be expected to have.’

Gordonstoun has a busy programme of weekend activities, and prides itself on its pastoral system and principles of support and care throughout each stage of the school.

A school which provides a preparation for university and life beyond.”


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