Background and location

Haileybury was founded in 1862. At the heart of the School are academic rigour and outstanding co-curricular provision. The School is located in splendid rural Hertfordshire and just outside the county town of Hertford. London is only a short train journey away.

Haileybury is basically run as two schools, with a lower school running as a day prep from 11 to 13; and an upper school for 13 to 18 year olds, which essentially operates as a boarding school with lessons on school days and sporting activities on Saturday.

Boarding and pastoral care

From year 9, those transferring from the Lower School tend to board. Many are weekly boarders who leave late on Saturday and return on Sunday evening.

There are 12 fully equipped boarding houses, seven boys’ houses, five girls’. These are communities of approximately 55.

Lessons are held on Saturday mornings while in the afternoon an extensive programme of sports fixtures and cultural activities are held.

Academic matters

IGCSE qualifications are available for a wide range of subjects.

At Sixth Form level, pupils will find that the School is in favour of the IB Diploma Programme, which has been offered at Haileybury since 1998. Over 100 pupils are currently working towards it. In 2014, an average points score of 37 means that, results-wise, it is one of the best in the world for the IB.

The School still runs A-level courses, and highly-qualified staff ensure that the School can run this dual set of qualifications without organisational glitches.

Games and arts

Very much an important part of Haileybury’s functioning are co-curricular activities. The School has an outstanding reputation for both music and sport.

Sport is compulsory for all pupils throughout the School, with sporting fixtures on Saturday and internal games afternoons twice a week. Rugby and cricket are mainstays for the boys and girls compete at national and county level in tennis and lacrosse.

The head of the school is a firm enthusiast of co-curricular activities, and a specific programme for year 9 pupils has been organised to include live saving and Outward Bound skills.

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