Harrow School

Founded in 1572, Harrow School revels in its reputation as an all-boys public school. No fewer than seven British prime ministers have been Harrovians, as well as the first prime minister of India, Pandit Nehru.


As well as having highly qualified academics on its books to teach students, there is also a super-curriculum in place which focuses on aspects of study that are not formally assessed. These include habitual reading, independent research, reflection and debate. The foundation of the curriculum is the electives system, which allows boys to select an intellectually challenging course that is off-syllabus and taught in small groups. At the centre of these courses are independent learning and problem-solving.

To add to a world of stimulating learning, seminars and society meetings for all tastes are held on most weeknights.

The majority of boys who leave Harrow receive places at selective universities. Boys who could be set for Oxbridge, Ivy League and other highly competitive and respected institutions are given tailored guidance and preparation from House Masters and Harrow’s dedicated Universities Team to ensure they have the best chance of succeeding once they have moved on from the School.


Set in one of the most leafy areas of North London, Harrow’s grounds contain 12 boarding houses, with their own gardens and facilities and strong inter-house competition in the air.

Each house has, on average, between 60-70 boys. There are, in fact, no dormitories and boys share a room with a boy of the same age for the first three to six terms and thereafter has his own room. Rooms contain a computer and each house has shared kitchens as well as common rooms.

Extracurricular pursuits

The School is surrounded by acres of sports fields, AstroTurf pitches, a golf course, swimming pool, sports centre, five tennis courts, providing a breadth of sporting opportunities to match all interests and abilities.

Afternoon games keep boys in good shape five times a week, while sporting fixtures against other schools and the chance to compete regularly in house matches do further wonders for their health. Harrow employs some of the best coaches to develop the boy’s skills, character and confidence.

Special occasions in the school year, such as the annual cricket match versus Eton at Lord’s, provide memorable highlights for boys.


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