The School – to inspire
Founded in 1875, The Leys School is ideally located on a 50-acre campus in the centre of historic Cambridge. 560 Boys and girls aged 11-18 genuinely have the best of both worlds: a traditional Cambridge education with exceptional facilities to hone their talents. Leys is well-known for its holistic approach to each child’s educational development.

Pastoral care – to support
The Leys is predominantly a boarding school. Boarders, home boarders and day pupils devote themselves to one of 11 houses, which contain study areas and comfortable accommodation. Housemasters and housemistresses strive to provide the best possible standard of pastoral care and supervision in what is guaranteed to be a hospitable and secure environment for all pupils.

Academic life – to learn
A plethora of academic subjects are offered from Year 7 through to sixth form, which has a choice of 24 A-level subjects. This broad and balanced curriculum ensures that children at The Leys develop into creative, highly articulate and culturally-sensitive individuals. In making the most of its unique setting in one of the world’s scholarly hotspots, the School often joins forces with its Cambridge University connections, attracting renowned guest speakers such as Professor Stephen Hawking (whose son was educated in the School) and former Leysian Sir Andrew Wiles. Sir Andrew is the first person to have provided proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem, regarded as being one of the most complex mathematical problems.

Extracurricular activities – to motivate
Involvement in as many societies, teams and groups as possible is encouraged. The majority of activities are held during the late afternoons and evenings, proving why boarding is the ideal choice at Leys. Sport plays a significant role in the School’s extended curriculum, and the fantastic facilities allow for engagement in up to 20 sporting activities. In addition to the more traditional sports, such as rugby, netball, hockey and cricket, less well-known ones are available, such as water polo and climbing. These still prove to be popular among pupils. Drama clubs and workshops as well as Combined Cadet Force training are further options.

The Leys School is renowned for its pastoral care, academic excellence, and its holistic approach to each and every child’s education.


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