Lord Wandsworth College

Lord Wandsworth College is a fully co-educational independent school in Hampshire, right on the border with Surrey, and one hour away from London. The large 1200 acre campus has a very rural feel to it.

LWC has a character education programme which equips pupils with emotional intelligence and literacy, a ‘Growth Mindset’ and carefully nurtured characteristics which allow them to become respected and noble members of society. Such a “character education” allows children to live up to their full potential.

Every aspect of the delivery of the curriculum, co-curriculum and pastoral and spiritual provision strives to provide children with the following ‘moral’ character attributes: fairness, generosity, empathy, gratitude, loyalty and courage. Learning and achievement are rewarded, emphasising perseverance, self-control, curiosity, engagement, diligence, optimism and creativity. These ‘performance’ character attributes are taught, monitored and developed in all areas of school life.

Sixth form
A number of students join the College at sixth-form level, where a broad range of subjects are offered. LWC has a strong careers provision support unit and tutorial system for students as they prepare for the challenges of university and adult life. The overwhelming majority of students go on to their first choice universities.

International students
Overseas pupils are welcomed for the extra dimension they bring to LWC.  English as an additional language (EAL) lessons are provided.

The following scholarships are offered: academic, art, all-rounder, performing arts (music, drama and dance).

Lord Wandsworth College offers the best of both worlds – a wonderful education and a friendship infrastructure that will last you a lifetime.” A current parent



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