LVS Ascot

International Background
LVS Ascot is a co-educational independent school situated in Berkshire, with both day students and boarders attending. Currently the school has over 900 students, and whilst primarily a Christian school, it has literally hundreds of students from many diverse religious backgrounds.

Academic Heavyweights
Entry into the school is achievable at five different stages, at 4, 7, 11, 13 and 16. If students are applying from abroad, they must ensure one legal guardian is within the country before the academic procedure of application can begin.

There is a wide range of subjects available to choose from, approximately twenty, with lower age students focusing on literacy, numeracy and ICT. At GCSE level students are expected to take between 8 – 10 subjects. Interestingly, year 9 girls only are able to participate in an international student exchange programme.

The school also has a learning resource centre which has proved both popular with parents and students alike.
In lower sixth form students take four AS Levels, before moving into upper sixth form to study full A Level, with perhaps the possibility of dropping one subject in transition.

Extracurricular Offerings
The school is heavily involved in utilising the technology of today, and has its own radio station run by the students, as well as its own magazine.

Many students are currently engaged in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, and there are a large number of sporting disciplines to choose from, with cross country, athletics and swimming the most popular.

There are many activities clubs which cover numerous interests and pastimes such as chemistry, journalism and photography.

First-rate Facilities
There are four modern houses for boarders, all of which have their own live-in staff. The houses are divided according to the sexes and age. The houses have communal common rooms which have plenty of sofas, chairs, games and a library of books. Laundry facilities run every day, with laundry chores organised by the live-in staff.

The younger students are accommodated in dormitories, whilst the more senior students have a choice of twin rooms or single en-suite rooms. There is full wireless internet access at all times, as well as PCs and laptops provided in quiet rooms.

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