Monmouth School

Monmouth School is an independent international school for boys situated in Wales, in the town of Monmouth. The school is part of the Haberdashers Schools organisation, and has consistently maintained its reputation as one of the best schools in the country in terms of academic and sporting achievements.

The school runs a unique science programme in conjunction with many local state schools. Sixth-form pupils work with students at secondary schools with the aim to improve science practices and facility usage, imparting much of what they have learned from their own School Science Department.

The Monmouth curriculum is quite wide-ranging and based on the National Curriculum, though there is plenty of room for adapting an alternative mode of study for students on an individual basis.

Students are expected to take between 8 – 10 subjects at GCSE level, with core subjects included. At AS/A-level they are expected to take four subjects in the lower sixth form and three by the time they enter the upper sixth form.

There are currently twenty-two subjects for students to choose from at GCSE level, with over thirty subjects at AS/A-level.

Monmouth has an international reputation among the independent schools in the UK, none more so than for its sporting success. This is immediately noticeable on arrival at the school due to the 2.3 million pounds invested in the Sports Pavilion.

Such sports as rugby, cricket and rowing are among some of the most popular and fiercely contested disciplines, though canoeing, softball and golf are becoming just as popular.

There are several joint year productions a year, a senior play, a junior drama club and many choirs and individual programmes to take part in. There is a symphonic school orchestra, a wind orchestra and a jazz orchestra. Every year the school holds a number of concerts in connection with the Merlin Music Society which is attended by many organisations and schools from across Wales.

The boys are accommodated in three houses according to their ages: 9 – 13 (Chapel House)   14 – 17 (Middle Houses) and (17 – 18) Buchanan House. They have their own onsite security, and additionally the houses are overseen in a professional capacity by members of the teaching staff.

Boys can share rooms, though there are single rooms with en suite bathroom facilities for the senior students. Many of the communal rooms have wide screen TVs, computer access and kitchenettes, and also include a separate kitchen.

Laundry rooms are run by onsite staff, with washing schedules carried out three or four times a week.


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