Queen Ethelburga’s College

Academically Rich
Acknowledged as one of the most academically prosperous independent co-educational schools in the North of England, Queen Ethelburga scholastic credentials are supported by the 98% of their student body who graduate to some of the top universities throughout the country.

The school is situated in the resplendent greenery of Vale of York, its campus a mixture of regal architecture and practical modernity, with over 65 million pounds of recent investment having been responsible for the building of a new sports centre, which is but one of the many facilities among the numerous tennis courts, cricket and rugby pitches and rock climbing wall which adorns this magnificent campus.

The school has a national reputation for sporting achievement and has two sporting academies, the Rugby Academy which is run in conjunction with Leeds Rugby Academy and Foundation at Leeds Carnegie, and the Netball Academy run by Yorkshire Jets.
The Sixth Form period is viewed as being far more than an academic period of preparation and study, but is used to integrate students into the local community through various charitable works and projects, as well as entrusting them to organise and facilitate in-house activities.

A myriad of subject courses are available at Sixth Form, with options meaning students take four or five A-levels, or they can choose the more vocational and alternative route of BTEC, though it is equally popular for students to opt for a combination of both.
With regards to transportation links and facilities, an hourly bus service operates across a wide stretch of the surrounding district, with no less than fifty-five stops.

Chapter House Preparatory School: Pre-school to Year 6
Chapter House Junior School has opened its academic doors to children of varying talents and abilities, and as such, has a proven track record of achievement. The school prides itself on its focus in working closely with every single one of their students, and has staff specifically tasked to running a learning support unit which deals with learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

The fantastic facilities have been further developed with 65 million poured into its very own theatre, laser shooting gallery and a recent refurbishment of the accommodation housing.

Sport, drama, music and other pursuits are ably supported either by the curriculum or offered as part of the after school club programmes.

Activity Centre
For those students who are full-time boarders the exciting pastimes in fact are even more plentiful. The Activity Centre is a vast combination of electronic games and music projects, while being further enhanced by an outdoor assault course, trampolines, go-karts and a BMX track for the more adventurously inclined.

King’s Magna Middle School: Boys and girls Year 6 to Year 9
King’s Magna Middle School has often been seen as hotbed for nurturing talent and achievement, positively exemplified with students studying at SAT 2 Key Stage performing 50% more effectively than students coming from state schools.

The school benefits from having small class sizes, with students receiving far more attention from their dedicated teachers, hence the brilliant examination results of late.

Currently King’s Magna Middle School shares its onsite buildings and resources with the Senior School, but afternoon sport pursuits and regular trips, whether educational or recreational, mean that there is very little student crossover from the two schools.

A Communal Solidarity
Situated between York and Harrogate, the school has the distinct advantage of having a close cultural proximity to historical locations and sites yielding a wonderful array of medieval and educational delights.

King’s Magna has long maintained a charitable and social influence locally, investing time and money into various community initiatives, with many of its’ students engaging in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme or the Combined Cadet Force, both of which continue to grow in popularity.


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