Queen Margaret’s School

Queen Margaret’s School is a girl’s independent school situated in Escrick Park in York. Since 2009 over ten million pounds has been invested in the school, which takes its name from the only Scottish female monarch.

Academic Delights
The curriculum is packed with subjects, twenty-five at last count, with languages featuring heavily, and Chinese proving very popular among the seniors.

Excellent results in both GCSE and A Level in recent years has pushed the school up the league tables, which has garnered it a reputation for academic brilliance in all subject areas.

For students wishing to stay on and study at sixth form, they have an even wider choice of subjects, twenty-nine in all, at AS Level or A2 Level, before progressing into A Levels.

Art is placed high on the curriculum, with art textiles, film studies, The History of Art, drama, dance and photography being taught by specialists in their fields.

Extracurricular Variety
Queen Margaret’s School has a long and rich equestrian history and has onsite a stable of 25 horses and ponies. The pentathlon is also pursued with the same seriousness, and for students wishing to choose from the following disciplines, they are provided with their own trainers in fencing, swimming, show jumping, shooting and running.

There are four categories of clubs available to all students, from academic – Spanish Literature, Arabic, Science and German cinema club – to adventure, the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme and the International Council, to sport – swimming, hockey, life guard training, and finally creative, with tap dance, hip hop, songwriter’s collective and modern dance proving very popular.

Marvellous Facilities
There are six boarding houses, all of which are monitored and run by professional onsite staff 24 hours round the clock. The boarding houses are comfortable and modern, with computer, laundry, entertainment amenities in each house. Senior girls in their final year live in the Cottage, which gives them a degree of privacy needed by the older students.

Sports and art facilities, all of which are onsite, are outstanding, none more so than the stables and its accompanying professional staff. The school even has its own medical surgery, and staff.


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