St Michael’s School

St.Michael’s is co-educational independent school situated in Bryn in Carmarthenshire. It is divided into three different age groups: Preparatory, Senior and Sixth Form. It is currently one of the most academically successful independent schools in Wales.

The curriculum in the early years of prep school is designed to fully immerse the students, with great emphasis on developing their English and Maths skills. Furthermore, they are introduced to music early on, with both group and individual instrument tuition having proved so successful that most of the students continue their musical education into the upper years.

In senior school at the lower form stages, students work in form groups (1- 3), the familiarity of which enables them to work closely with one another.

The three sciences are taught independently so as to create a wider academic diversity. French is a core language, with Welsh and French being optional subjects. From the very start of Form One, students study IT, and by the time they reach Form Three they start preparing for their GCSEs.

Both Forms 1 and 2 are allowed a little more time to relax, with extra-curricular activities arranged for specific days in the week, usually in the afternoon.

Sixth Form at St.Michael’s is a busy time with students being able to choose from a wide-ranging curriculum which functions as a two-tier structure: AS subjects studied in the first year (Lower Sixth) and A2 studied in the second year (Upper Sixth).

St. Michael’s is renowned for its medicine, veterinary and dentistry programmes, which are some of the best in the country.

The standard of accommodation is excellent, with single rooms with en suite facilities to small dormitories being available. More importantly, the school uses this time to motivate the students into running and organising their own in-house activities, such as cookery classes, quizzes and art exhibitions, as well as encouraging them to have friendly sport competitions with students belonging to other houses.