Stamford High School

Stamford High School for Girls is an international independent school situated in Stamford in Lincolnshire. It is part of the Stamford Endowed Schools programme and is a practitioner of the Diamond system of education.

The schools educated girls from 11 – 18, preparing them for both their GCSE and A-Level examinations.

Key Stage 3 readies students in Year 7 for English, Maths, Science, French, History, IT, and PE, among others. Students are also encouraged to take up Art, Drama and Music. In Year 8 students are able to follow separate science paths if they choose to do so, whilst they are expected to study one modern language, either French or Spanish. In Year 9 core subjects are English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and a modern foreign language. At GCSE the students take the core subjects alongside 3 optional subjects. At A-level 28 subjects are offered the students.

The school provides a huge number of arts, sport and pastime based pursuits, and at last count students were able to choose from 80 different activities. These include chess club, badminton, golf, bridge, a debating society and even a driving school for those 16 and older.
Students as young as eight years of age board with Stamford, and accommodated according to their age into one of five houses. The school facilities onsite remain open to all boarders during weekends, though their houses are also equipped with computer rooms, study space and appropriate learning technology as well as many useful resources and high-speed internet access.

At weekends onsite house staff/live-in school teachers arrange day trips to museums, sport activities and exciting pastimes in and around the local area.

For sixth form girls there is the exclusive Park House which currently has 23 students. There are eighteen rooms, 13 of which are single study, and five of which are shared accommodation with one other student. Park House has the advantage of two common rooms, and therefore the girls are able to read in one room without the distraction of the TV in the other common room.

There is also an extended open-roof conservatory area with garden, where the girls can relax on a bench or play sports such as badminton whenever the mood takes them.


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