Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall

Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall is an independent co-educational school situated in the village of Hurst Green, Lancashire. It currently acts as the preparatory stage to Stonyhurst College.

At present class sizes are moderate, usually not exceeding more than twenty students. The smallest class sizes though dependent upon subject priority can sometimes consist of three students per class.

The school offers a comprehensive curriculum at Key Stage levels, GCSE level and A-level. At St Mary’s Hall the emphasis is placed on Figures and Rudiments, with RS, English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics Spanish and Drama, among many other subjects, instrumental in their educational development.

St Mary’s Hall has a wide range of sports which are superbly showcased in their expansive sports hall, outdoor tennis and netball courts, playing and athletics fields, plus an Astroturf pitch. Swimming lessons are conducted in a twenty-five foot heated indoor swimming pool, whilst golf lessons are taken on the onsite 9-hole golf course.

Dance is very popular at the school, especially Zumba and Salsa, as well as an endorsed Royal Academy Dance Syllabus for ballet. Many of the students at the school – at last count, more than three quarters – were taking individual instrument tuition.

All boarding students are accommodated in small dormitories which never exceed more than five boarders per room. There are onsite staff available at all times, with a patrolling walk-around security team on campus twenty-four hours a day.

Excellent boarding facilities include high-speed internet access, laundry facilities and computers. Students of both sexes though housed in the same building, are placed in separate living galleries. Communal lounge rooms are also restricted according to sex, though there is a playroom in which the students can play together at appropriate and agreed times of the day/evening.

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