The Faculty of Queen Ethelburga’s

The Faculty of Queen Ethelburga’s (years 10 – 13) is an international independent school situated in York, England.

The school has adopted a modern flexible approach to its programme for years 10 – 13, and students can choose to pursue the conventional GCSE and A-level direction, or study a series of BTEC qualifications which will give them a more occupational approach to their future careers.

Key Stage 4 students are able to take a GCSE route with several BTEC subjects additionally combined. At Key Stage 5 students are able to choose optionally, with either A-level or BTEC, or they can combine elements of both.

In Year 12 students are expected to enrol in the enrichment programme, which serve not only as certified qualifications, but help expand a student’s interest.

The school offers a wide range of sports, arts based subjects and after school clubs, ranging from rugby – at which they have triumphed in several national competitions in recent years – tennis, sailing, modern dance, archery, choral and orchestral practise and performances.

Students are accommodated dependent upon which year they reside. For younger boys they are housed in Green Acres and girls of the same age are housed in Abbey House. Each of these houses has pool tables, computers, washing machines, en suite bedroom facilities and rooms which can take up to a maximum four of children and no less than two.

There are also fully equipped kitchens, and permanent live-in staff and security that monitor and patrol the grounds, and building twenty-four hours a day.

For the more senior students in general, they are housed in Genesis Centre Sixth Form Boarding or Court Apartments sixth form boarding. These houses have expansive common rooms with plenty of sofas, kitchens or kitchenettes with dishwashers, Sony Playstations, DVD players and room which accommodate up to 2 -3 students.


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