GCE A-Levels Advanced Level General Certificate of Education (GCE A-LEVELS)

GCE A-Levels, commonly referred to as an A-level, is a qualification offered by education institutions in the United Kingdom. A-levels are studied over a two-year period and are recognised as the standard for assessing the suitability of applicants for academic courses in English, Welsh, and Northern Irish universities.

The first year of A-levels is the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level and the second year is the A2 level. Students normally start their AS year taking four to five subjects, out of which they choose three to four stronger ones to focus on when they progress to A2. To enter a UK university, a minimum of three passes is required.

The GCE A-levels offer a large amount of freedom in terms of the selection of subjects on offer, therefore permitting students to do arts subjects alongside any science subjects. Most subjects consist of 4 modules and there are two to four examination intakes during the two years. Retaking unsatisfactory modules is an option.

Course Features
  •  Entry in September
  •  Qualification internationally recognised, meaning students may apply to top institutions in most countries.
  •  Flexible subject selection, students are permitted to undertake both arts and science subjects.
  •  Usually two to four examination intakes during the two years course.
  •  Less stressful in gaining better results as retake is an option.


1 Year & Flexible Courses

In addition to the standard 2-year programmes, shorter and more flexible courses are offered by a number of independent colleges and international boarding schools, which usually last for 3 terms (1 Year) to 5 terms respectively, allowing students with excellent academic and English ability to complete A-levels at a faster pace. Entry dates are usually in January and April. Students study fewer subjects in these shorter programmes. Typically, three to four subjects are expected for a 5-term A-levels programme.

Academic Requirement

HK Student – Completed F.3

Malaysian Student – Completed F.5

English Requirement

HKDSE English Level 2+, or

IELTS 5.0+ or Passing College’s individual placement tests.

Selection of subjects
Business Studies
Design & Technology
English Language
English Literature
General Studies
Further Mathematics
Physical Education
Theatre Studies