Why does your son/daughter need a Guardian?

The UK Border Agency and Boarding Schools require that all students, whose families live overseas, have a legal guardian resident in the UK to act for them when the school is closed, and at other times when the student has to be removed from school such as illness or when there is a need for disciplinary action.

Whilst the school, and in particular your child’s housemaster or housemistress, takes responsibility for academic matters and day to day welfare during the school term, there are times during the term and more especially outside term time, when the school must be able to hand over these responsibilities to a properly appointed legal Guardian.

Guardians’ responsibilities include:
  • acting on parents’ behalf in cases of the unexpected or of an emergency
  • looking after the child’s welfare in the UK when the school is closed for holidays
  • providing a host family for the child to stay with at Half Term, for Exeat weekends and on other occasions
  • assisting parents with things the child may need (school uniform, sports equipment, phone cards, mobile phone, UK mobile sim card)
  • helping parents arrange the child’s travel both in the UK (taxi, train or bus) and back home (flight bookings, transfers)
  • helping the child’s problems with immigration or passports