International Diploma

Applicants who do not meet the minimum academic requirements for direct undergraduate entry may choose to instead pursue the international diploma path. The qualification of the International Diploma is equivalent to that of year 1 of an undergraduate degree. Upon satisfactory completion of this 1-year course, students can progress to year 2 of a specific undergraduate degree in the associated university.

Course Features

Entry in September; Some institutions also provide January entry.
High Progression rate, students will still be able to complete bachelor studies within the three-year period.
No public examination required. Instead students will need to pass Internal assessment to progress into undergraduate year two.
Similar teaching and learning approach to that of universities.
Students are able to access university facilities. An early taster of university life.

Typical Subjects Offers

Social Sciences

Important Note

Students will be required to take a pre-sessional English course of 3 months or more if specific English requirement is not met.

Typical Requirement of Progression

• 50% – 60% obtainment in internal examination
• Completion of all assignments
• 80% or above attendance

English Requirement

IELTS 5.5+