How GCSEs, AS & A-Level Results Will Be Awarded For Summer 2020

GCSEs, AS & A-Level Results
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Since the announcement of the cancellation of the Summer 2020 exams due to the Coronavirus, Ofqual— the governing body which sets out details for schools, colleges, students, parents & carers on how GCSEs and A levels will be awarded has been hard at work to determine the best solution for grading students fairly.

On April 3rd, they’ve made the official announcement. Here’s how A-levels, AS & GCSEs will be awarded this summer.


Key points

Ofqual has come up with a method that ensures the fair grading of all students in time so they can progress.

Exam boards will be contacting schools, colleges and other exam centres after Easter asking them to submit, by a deadline that will be no earlier than 29 May 2020, the following:

1)  A centre assessment grade for every student in each of their subjects which is the grade they would be most likely to have achieved if they had sat their exams and completed any non-exam assessment.

2) The centre assessment grade should be based on factors such as:

  • bookwork
  • classwork
  • any participation in performances in subjects such as music, drama or PE
  • any non-exam assessment – whether or not complete
  • the results of any assignments or mock exams
  • previous examination results – for example, for any re-sitting students or those with relevant AS qualifications
  • any other records of student performance over the course of study
  • the rank order of students within each grade for each subject – for example, for all those students with a centre assessment grade of 5 in GCSE maths, a rank order where 1 is the most secure/highest attaining student, and so on.
3) The results from all the schools’ assessment grades will be put through a standardisation proceess.
The same process applies for private candidates (home-schooled etc) where the heads of the centres will be asked to submit a centre assessment grade.
For students that urgently need the summer grade to progress but are not able to attain a centre grade in time, other alternative options will be explored.

For the grade standardisation process, Ofqual will take into account evidence such as: The expected national outcomes for this year’s students, the prior attainment of students at each school and college (at cohort, not individual level), and the results of the school or college in recent years.

On top of that, will also have the opportunity to sit exams at the earliest reasonable opportunity in the new academic year. This is currently in the planning phase.

For students taking other general and vocational or technical qualifications instead of or alongside GCSEs, AS and A levels, a similar process will be applied, which will be announced soon.


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