Eltham College Review: Rankings, Fees, And More

Eltham College is a leading co-educational, independent day school based in South London. It has won many school accolades owing to its academic excellence and rich co-curricular offerings. From state-of-the-art facilities to its dedicated team of educators, the school provides a nurturing environment where students are inspired to achieve their full potential and become leaders in their chosen fields. Join us as we delve into the facets of this distinguished institution that set it apart.

eltham college review

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Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Co-educational
  • Age range: 7-18
  • Pupils: 1,065
  • Fees: £6,518 – £7,923 (Day Fee, Per term) 
  • 2023 A-Level Results: 74% A*-A
  • 2023 GCSE Results: 91% 9-7

Table of Contents

Eltham College Overview

Eltham College has a long history dating back to 1842, when it was founded as the London Missionary Society’s school for the Sons and Orphans of Missionaries. Today, it has evolved into one of the leading independent day schools in London, offering quality education programmes to boys and girls aged 7-18.

One thing that stands out immediately when you visit its website is the number of awards it has won, such as the Independent Secondary School of The Year London 2024 and the Winner of the Best Use of Technology TES Awards 2023. The headmaster, Guy Sanderson describes Eltham College as an exceptional school, where students and staff both share a passion for learning and a rich co-curricular offering.

Eltham College Courses And Programmes

Eltham College offers a diverse range of courses tailored to students at different stages of their education journey.

At Junior School students embark on a comprehensive educational journey aimed at fostering their intellectual curiosity and holistic development. Core subjects such as English, mathematics, science, and humanities form the backbone of the curriculum, providing a solid foundation for academic growth. Additionally, students engage in enriching activities in art, music, physical education, and modern foreign languages, nurturing their creativity, critical thinking, and cultural awareness. The Junior School’s nurturing environment and dedicated teaching staff ensure that students thrive academically and emotionally as they begin their educational journey.

At the Senior School level at Eltham College, students undertake a challenging and stimulating curriculum designed to prepare them for success in their General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) examinations. Core subjects including English language, English literature, mathematics, and science are complemented by a diverse range of options such as humanities, modern foreign languages, arts, and physical education.

At Sixth Form, a wide range of A Levels subjects are offered, allowing students to tailor their studies to their interests and career aspirations. Studies are rigorous and comprehensive, designed to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed at the tertiary education level and beyond. The Sixth Form experience at Eltham College empowers students to become independent learners, critical thinkers, and responsible global citizens ready to make a positive impact on the world.

Eltham College Application Deadline

The school has high academic standards and is extremely selective. Parents are encouraged to apply early as there is usually a long waiting list. Here are the latest application deadlines for each key year of entry:

7+ Registration Deadline: Thursday, 28 November 2024

11+ Registration Deadline: Monday, 11 November 2024

16+ Registration Deadline:  Thursday, 17 October 2024

Eltham College Rankings And Results

In 2023, 74% of A Level grades were A*-A and 91% of GCSE grades were 9-7. These outstanding results highlight the academic standards and level of competitiveness of students who are enrolled at Eltham College. The school ranked 19th and 67th respectively in the A Levels League Table for 2023 and GCSE League Table for 2023.

Eltham College Fees

For 2023/2024 entry, school fees per term at each level are as follows:

  • Junior School – £6,518.00
  • Senior School – £7,929.00
  • Sixth Form – £7,929.00

Eltham College Entry Requirements

As mentioned, due to the competitiveness of the school, spots are extremely limited and selection is based on academic merit and on an assessment of the student’s likely positive contribution to the College. The usual requirements apply, such as past academic transcripts, entrance interviews, verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests, minimum subject grade requirements and more.

Eltham College Reviews

Joshua Shedu - Parent

Excellent school, we are very satisfied. Our son always gets ample opportunities to explore and progress in all aspects. The school has been successful in striking an appropriate balance between academic and co-curricular activities.

Karen Egan - Parent

“Couldn’t be happier with this school. I have three, very different, boys there and it works really well for all of them.”

Max Gill
“Really good school. The facilities are great too.”

Eltham College Houses

Eltham College’s house system, deeply rooted in the school’s history, serves as a cornerstone of its vibrant community spirit and sense of belonging. Named after prominent LMS or BMS missionaries—Carey, Livingstone, Chalmers, and Moffat—the house system not only honors their legacies but also instills values of leadership, camaraderie, and service among students. Each house, distinguished by its own color—blue, green, red, and yellow respectively—provides a supportive environment where students can develop friendships, showcase their talents, and engage in friendly competition.

The house system plays a vital role in fostering a sense of identity and pride among students, encouraging them to actively participate in various inter-house events and activities. From sports competitions and academic challenges to charity fundraisers and cultural celebrations, students are given opportunities to collaborate with peers from different backgrounds and year groups, promoting teamwork and unity. Through their involvement in house events, students not only develop essential life skills such as leadership, communication, and resilience but also forge lasting friendships and memories.

Moreover, the house system promotes a culture of inclusivity and support, with older students mentoring younger ones and fostering a sense of community across year groups. By providing a platform for students to showcase their talents, contribute to their house’s success, and embody the values of their namesake missionaries, Eltham College’s house system cultivates a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie that enriches the overall school experience.

Eltham College Student Services and Extracurricular Activities

Pastoral Care

Eltham College stands out for its exemplary commitment to pastoral care, ensuring students are supported academically and emotionally throughout their educational journey. With a dedicated team including teachers, nurses, school counsellors, and a Chaplain, students receive comprehensive support tailored to their needs. The Wellbeing Curriculum, overseen by the Head of Wellbeing, Mrs. Nicola Bilsby, emphasises resilience, respect, relationships, responsibility, and readiness, providing students from Year 7 through Sixth Form with valuable life skills. Initiatives such as the Foxbury Gazette and Parent Talk videos further demonstrate Eltham’s proactive approach to nurturing student well-being and fostering a supportive community where every individual can thrive.

Extracurricular Activities

Eltham College’s co-curricular programmes are seamlessly integrated with the academic curriculum, and offers students a golden opportunity to develop essential soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, and unwavering commitment.

In the sports arena, the school is equipped with world-class facilities including rugby pitches, netball and tennis courts, hockey astroturf pitches, cricket squares, football pitches, a sports hall, swimming pool, and pavilions. Eltham College’s co-curricular program aims to be the premier co-educational school for sports in South East London. With over 70 acres of grounds and a team of ambitious professional teachers and coaches with international, regional, and county experience, the school offers an equitable co-curricular and Saturday sport program for students from Year 3 to Year 13. Additionally, strong school-club links provide students with access to club teams based on-site and secure pathways into elite player programs in the local area, promoting both lifelong participation and stretching high achieving performers.

In music, Eltham College continues its tradition of excellence, offering a rich array of opportunities for students to explore their passions and talents. With a heritage of outstanding music, almost two-thirds of students play at least one musical instrument, participating in over forty ensembles and performing regularly at prestigious venues.

In the drama department, Eltham provides opportunities for all students to take part in performances, develop collaborative skills, and express themselves with confidence. From rehearsals and shows to trips and tours, Eltham College’s co-curricular offerings in music and drama enrich the student experience and foster creativity, self-expression, and personal growth.

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