Manchester Grammar School Review: Rankings, Fees, And More

Manchester Grammar School stands out as the UK’s largest independent day school for boys, boasting a distinguished reputation for academic prowess and an extensive array of co-curricular activities. With cutting-edge facilities and a talented faculty, the institution provides a supportive atmosphere where students are empowered to succeed in their career aspirations and emerge as future leaders.

manchester grammar school review

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Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Boys
  • Age range: 7-18
  • Pupils: 1,659
  • 2024/2025 Fees: £15,930 (Day Fee, Per annum) 
  • 2023 A-Level Results: 73% A*-A
  • 2023 GCSE Results: 67% 9-8

Table of Contents

Manchester Grammar School Overview

Manchester Grammar School (MGS) has a long history dating back to 1515, when it was founded as a free grammar school next to the Manchester Parish Church. Today, it has evolved into the largest independent day schools in the United Kingdom, offering quality education programmes to boys aged 7-18.

MGS is part of the HMC conference and has the motto “Sapere Aude,” which means “Dare To Be Wise.” The school is proud of producing many successful alumni, fondly known as “Old Mancunians”— Consisting of academics, politicians, mathematicians, and sports athletes.

Manchester Grammar School Courses And Programmes

Manchester Grammar School offers a diverse range of courses tailored to students at different stages of their education journey.

At Junior School, students embark on a comprehensive educational journey aimed at fostering their intellectual curiosity and holistic development. Core subjects such as English, mathematics, science, and humanities form the backbone of the curriculum, providing a solid foundation for academic growth.

Additionally, students engage in enriching activities in art, music, physical education, and modern foreign languages, nurturing their creativity, critical thinking, and cultural awareness. The Junior School’s nurturing environment and dedicated teaching staff ensure that students thrive academically and emotionally as they start their educational journey.

At MGS’s Senior School level, students undertake a challenging and stimulating curriculum designed to prepare them for success in their General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) examinations. Core subjects including English language, English literature, mathematics, and science are complemented by a diverse range of options such as humanities, modern foreign languages, arts, and physical education.

At Sixth Form, a wide range of A Levels subjects are offered, allowing students to tailor their studies to their interests and career aspirations. The Sixth Form comprises five academic Colleges, each accommodating an approximately equal number of students from Years 12 and 13.

Within each college, students are organised into small tutor groups overseen by a Head of College. The Tutor plays a pivotal role in guiding students’ academic progress and ensuring their pastoral welfare. Tutors assist individuals in adapting to the study habits and discipline expected in the Sixth Form, while also nurturing the development of essential skills, competencies, and experiences crucial for life beyond MGS.

Manchester Grammar School Application Deadline

Due to MGS’s high academic standards, parents are encouraged to apply early as there is usually a long waiting list. Here are the latest application deadlines for each key year of entry:

7+ Registration Deadline: 24 November 2023

11+ Registration Deadline: 20 November 2023

16+ Registration Deadline:  September of the year preceding entry

Late entry: Defined as admission to the Senior School of a pupil at any other point than Year 7 or Year 12. Late admissions will be evaluated on a case-to-case basis and only exceptional cases will be considered. 

Manchester Grammar School Rankings And Results

In 2023, 73% of A Level grades were A*-A and 67% of GCSE grades were 9-8. These outstanding results highlight the academic standards and level of competitiveness of students who are enrolled at MGS. The school ranked 24th in our 2023 A Levels League Table.

Manchester Grammar School College Fees

For 2024/2025 entry, the fees are £15,930 per annum.

Tuition fees include access to school books and equipment, essential stationery (excluding items specified on the equipment list), and other necessary materials. Additionally, they cover public examination fees in the Senior School (excluding re-sits), but do not include additional services such as private music lessons.

While school meals are optional for students in the Senior School, they are mandatory for those in the Junior School. There is no additional charge for school meals for boys in Years 3 and 4. Any additional expenses typically revolve around uniform purchases and voluntary participation in school camps and trips.

Manchester Grammar School Entry Requirements

The usual requirements apply, such as past academic transcripts, entrance interviews, verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests, minimum subject grade requirements and more. All prospective students are required to attend the assessment days as stipulated by MGS which typically runs from September to January.

Manchester Grammar School Reviews

NA - Parent
“An excellent school. Approachable staff. Teachers can be contacted via email. Reception staff are always welcoming and helpful. My son has enjoyed his time here so far. Highly recommend.”
Joseph Riley
“This is a fantastic school which is full of hard working students, wonderful teachers and beautiful grounds.”

“Manchester grammer school has amazing facilities and amazing teachers. Standard is great and place is very enjoyable.”

Manchester Grammar School Pastoral Care

MGS places strong emphasis on pastoral care, ensuring the well-being and support of every student. Small mentor groups led by caring staff provide personalised attention and guidance, fostering an environment where students feel valued and understood. These mentors serve as a reliable source of support, offering a listening ear for students’ concerns and interests, and assisting them in navigating academic and personal challenges.

Integral to the pastoral care system is a dedicated medical team, comprising experienced nurses who also serve as trained counsellors. Supported by specialist medical professionals, they play a vital role in maintaining the health and welfare of students, providing both physical and emotional support as needed.

To facilitate the transition of new students, the school employs a buddy systems and orientation programmes, enabling incoming students to establish connections and feel supported from the outset. These initiatives are designed to create a nurturing and welcoming environment where every student can thrive.

Manchester Grammar School Extracurricular Activities

The extracurricular offerings at MGS are highly diverse and impressive, providing students with a well-rounded education beyond the classroom. With an extensive range of clubs and societies covering both academic and non-academic interests, there truly is something for every student. Notably, many of these clubs are student-led, fostering a sense of ownership and initiative among the student body.


Regardless of skill level, every student is encouraged to participate in sports activities. The school’s sporting programmes not only focus on skill development but also prioritise character-building and sportsmanship.

  1. Cricket: MGS has a renowned cricket programme, with students achieving national recognition and success. The school’s cricket teams have a strong reputation and compete at various levels, with students selected for professional clubs and national teams.

  2. Rugby: The school’s rugby teams regularly participate in national competitions, with notable achievements such as reaching the National Cup final at Twickenham. Students are also selected for professional rugby clubs and national development programmes.

  3. Football: MGS has a competitive football programme, with teams consistently making progress in various competitions, including the ISFA cups. Students participate at different age levels, with notable achievements such as reaching the semi-final of the ISFA Boodle’s Cup.

  4. Hockey: The school’s indoor hockey team has been national finalists in multiple seasons, showcasing the school’s prowess in this sport. Additionally, MGS has achieved success in the Lancashire Cup across all age groups.

  5. Swimming and Water Polo: Swimming and water polo are integral parts of the school’s PE and sports programme. The school’s water polo teams enjoy success at the national level, while swimmers compete in prestigious competitions such as ESSA and HMC nationals.

Adventure is also embraced at MGS, with annual treks and outdoor expeditions allowing students to step out of their comfort zones and explore new horizons. These adventurous experiences foster resilience, leadership, and a spirit of exploration among students.

Drama And Music

Drama and music are vibrant aspects of school life at MGS. State-of-the-art facilities and a rich programme of productions provide students with ample opportunities to explore their artistic talents. From theatrical performances to musical ensembles, students are encouraged to express themselves creatively and collaboratively.


Service is a core value at MGS, evident through the Community Action program. Students are actively involved in various community service projects, ranging from volunteering at local schools to participating in environmental initiatives. This emphasis on giving back instills a sense of social responsibility and civic engagement in students.

Summer Activities

The school’s approach to extracurricular activities extends beyond typical club offerings. During a dedicated week in the summer term, all teaching halts as students engage in week-long activities, including residential trips that provide invaluable experiential learning opportunities. The range of activities is broad, encompassing academic projects, outdoor adventures, and community service initiatives.

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