The Complete UK Boarding School Guide For Malaysians

Discover Practical Tips And Strategies To Ace Your UK Boarding School Application And Experience Your Dream UK Education!

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What You Will Learn In This Guide

  • How to choose the right UK boarding school for your child
  • What to expect from the UK boarding school application process
  • How to write a strong personal statement
  • How to prepare for the UK boarding school interview
  • Tips for success on the UK boarding school entrance exams
  • How to finance a UK boarding school education
  • What to do after your child has been accepted to a UK boarding school

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Britannia was established in 2013 with one main aim: To provide education consultancy services with a professional and caring approach. Since then, we’ve provided an unbiased and informative university and  boarding school selection platform for families across the globe.

To date, we’ve helped over 1000 students find the best boarding schools and universities to study in the United Kingdom. Our years of service and unique approach has garnered reviews from happy clients and wide coverage from the media, such as Fortune Insight, South China Morning Post, Forbes, Financial Times, and the British Council.

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