Guide To Sixth Form Boarding Schools In The UK

A Sixth Form boarding school in the UK offers the education for students beginning in Lower Six, for ages 17 and Upper Six for ages 18. A Sixth Form boarding school offers your child an education after the completion of their GCSEs, under an ideal environment for students working towards their academic qualifications in pursuing their A Levels in preparation for their university applications. UK Sixth Form boarding schools offer a great learning environment while teaching your students responsibility and independence which will give them an advantage in their future careers.

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What are the benefits of a UK Sixth Form boarding school in the UK?

The learning environment in a Sixth Form UK boarding school differs from other schools by offering students a chance to live completely in the school environment. Sixth Form boarding schools offers students an opportunity to become more independent in their learning, to do things for themselves as well as foster greater chances for students to work with each other. The Sixth Form boarding school environment also has rules and regulations to help students learn about discipline and learn on self-reliance.

The UK Sixth Form Boarding School Studying Environment

A Sixth Form boarding school offers students an opportunity to learn how to become independent through many facets of learning where they can learn from each other and learn how to live with and work more closely with other students. The distraction free environment also enables students to better focus on their studies with a wide range of subjects to choose from. This will ensure that students studying for their A-Levels will be able to choose from a selection of areas they would like to explore and learn more about in higher education. Sixth Form boarding schools also ensure that each student have their own personal tutor who will guide them throughout their education and will be able to advice on academic advancements and personal development.


A Sixth Form boarding school offers comfortable accommodation which students can choose to have a single room, shared double rooms or en-suite accommodation. This ensures that students are able to choose what they are most comfortable with and enables students to work with peers. Students will be able to study and spend time in common rooms and be able to have their meals at dining halls together with others. The socialising aspect of these schools will enable students to build better relationships with each other.

Co-curricular Activities

Sixth Form students will also be able to enjoy a wide array of activities as sports, different activity clubs as well as cinema outings and mountain biking. They will be able to spend their time learning to develop useful hobbies which will aid in personal development. The choices of activities such as debating and sports can be enjoyed within a learning environment that encourages independence and self-fulfilment.

The Socialising Aspect

Sixth Form boarding school students will be able to socialise and learn to work with each other under the guidance of the school, and also learn to work and have fun with their peers, and at all time be able to focus and concentrate on their studies in a disciplined environment. This way they are able to have a safe space to explore their different interests while working with other students, be in learning about team sports or any other academic activates they find themselves interested in. Students will also be able to go to the cinema and have outings with their peers to foster lifelong relationships.

A Sixth Form boarding school is a great way to prepare your child earlier in their life for greater independence which can later be used in life. Students will also have less of a culture shock when going into university where environments will usually force them to be independent and is important for character building, therefore giving them a head start in their academic careers.


A boarding school experience can be a life-changing opportunity for students to grow outside of their comfort zone and challenge them to achieve new heights. Many consider the sixth form an excellent starting point for an overseas education.

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