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top boarding schools in florida

Top 10 Boarding Schools in Florida (Update 2023)

Looking to study in a boarding school in Florida? The Sunshine State’s tropical climate is a breeze to adapt to, with temperatures ranging from a balmy 16-27° Celsius. Florida has an amazingly diverse range of art and cultural activities – it plays host to international festivals, famed art exhibitions, performance art shows, and more. In this guide, we explore the top 10 boarding schools in Florida.

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top boarding schools in texas

Top 10 Boarding Schools In Texas (Updated 2023)

Looking to study at a boarding school in Texas? Texas, the second largest state in the US, has plenty to offer. The wide variety of landscape here means that there’s always something to do for those who are outdoors-inclined – trail biking, hiking, rowing, fishing, you name it. The state has been rated as the third-best state in the country for college students as it has 12 high ranking colleges, low crime rates, and warm weather.

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top boarding schools in new york

Top Boarding Schools In New York (Updated 2023)

New York has always been among the most popular destinations for overseas education thanks to its vibrant and multicultural environment, numerous reputable universities and the abundant of job opportunities from global corporates after graduation. In this guide, we explore some of the top boarding schools in New York.

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