Top Boarding Schools In Georgia (Updated 2024)

Georgia is a South-Eastern state in the United States, famous for its agricultural products of fruits and vegetables such as peaches and peanuts. Georgia is also famous for the University of Georgia – the flagship research university of the state and the birthplace of the American public higher education system. The state has five college-prep and junior boarding schools serving 2,395 students.

To help parents select the best boarding schools in the state for their children, this list draws insights from the US Department of Education, Niche users, and the schools official websites.

top boarding schools in georgia

List of Top Georgia Boarding Schools

1. Darlington School

Founded in 1905, Darlington School is a co-ed, independent boarding and day school located at Rome, Georgia for students in pre-K through high school. Its student body comprises of 47% boarding students, with 35% from outside of the country. Niche ranks Darlington School as the best of six boarding high schools in the state.

According to Private School Review, the school has the highest percentage of faculty with advanced degrees and the most AP courses, sports and extracurriculars offered. This gives its students a rigorous academic environment and plenty of after-school activities to explore. Darlington students achieved a high average SAT score of 1240/1600, an average ACT score of 27/36 and a 100% graduation rate.

Darlington School’s tuition including boarding fee is $54,980.

Visit Darlington School’s Website

2. Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School was founded in 1903. The school has a diverse student body from 56 countries and 15 states, divided into small classes of 12 students each. Entry to the school is competitive, as shown by their admission rate of 48%. Overall, this is the second best boarding high school in Georgia.

The school has strong sports and art programs, making it the ideal environment for athletic and artistic students. Rabun Gap school is also one of the few schools in the US with the longest-running and most acclaimed cirque programs in the country. Results-wise, students achieved a high average SAT (1220/1600) and ACT (26/36) score (Source), as well as a 100% graduation rate.

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School’s tuition including boarding fee is $59,200.

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3. Riverside Preparatory Academy

Riverside Preparatory Academy is a non-religious boys’ school for young men between Grades 6 and 12. Established in 1907, this preparatory boarding and day school promotes discipline and leadership development through military activities. 

The school offers up to seventeen extracurricular activities, many of which are militarily related such as the Airsoft Team, Aviation Program, Civil Air Patrol, Color Guard and Drill Team. Riverside Preparatory Academy is an Army JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction. Most of its students board at the school and are well taken care of at a student-teacher ratio rate of 5:1. Students scored an average SAT of 1130/1600 and ACT of 23/36 (Source).

Riverside Preparatory Academy’s tuition including boarding fee is $48,900.

Visit Riverside Preparatory Academy’s Website

4. Tallulah Falls School

Tallulah Falls School was founded in 1909. The school focuses on educating future global leaders with an understanding and appreciation of other cultures. International students get to represent their culture on ‘International Day’, and the school takes their students on many overnight class trips to different American regions so international students can learn more about the USA local culture. 

Tallulah Falls School offers a unique accredited dual enrolment college course in which students can take college courses to earn credits for both high school and college. There are twenty-one options for different undergraduate majors that students can choose from, preparing them for rigorous college-level work. Tallulah Fall has a 100% graduation rate and its students achieved high average SAT (1230/1600) and ACT (27/26) results. (Source)

Tallulah Falls School’s tuition including boarding fee is $38,850.

Visit Tallulah Falls School’s Website

5. Georgia-Cumberland Academy

Georgia-Cumberland Academy is a small Seventh-Day Adventist boarding school for students between Grades 9-12. The school creates a welcoming environment for students through a spiritual atmosphere and sense of care shared over good food. The student-teacher ratio here is 21:1, which is higher than the national average and most other schools in this list. That said, Georgia-Cumberland’s tuition fee is the most affordable.

The school offers several sports, arts, and musical groups for students to attend after class. On average, the SAT score is at 1220/1600 and the ACT score is at 25/36 (Source). 90% of the students from this school go on to attend a 4-year college.

Georgia-Cumberland Academy’s tuition including boarding fee is $22,585.

Visit Georgia-Cumberland Academy’s Website


In summary, most boarding schools in Georgia are coed sectarian schools with tuition fees ranging from $38,850 to $59,200. They offer a vast range of sports and extracurricular activities to give their students both a rigorous academic experience and a thriving student life outside of classes. Each school also offers their unique approach to education, creating a good variety of choices for parents to prepare for their children’s college future in the United States of America. For more details on each school and individual consultation for your child, please contact us.

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