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Why Choose UKiset?
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Our Services

We tailor our services to each family’s needs and can give you whatever assistance you require, whether it be simple advice or a more lengthy engagement.


We offer expert 1:1 advice helping you find the right school place for your child. This advice is given during a consultation, in person, by Skype or telephone.



Assessment & Tuition

We formally assess all students who we are helping as this enables us to target the most suitable schools.





We are an accredited Test Centre for Ukiset – the leading UK independent school initial entrance assessment more…




Visits and Tours

Like house hunting, visiting prospective schools is essential.  As part of our School Selection Services, we can arrange a series of visits and make all the accompanying arrangements on your behalf.  We are also available to accompany and advise you during these visits.



UK Education System

The British education system is extremely varied and can be very confusing – especially to those outside the UK.  We are able to offer simple but extensive explanations of this system and the many examinations available within it.





We are able to take care of any logistical arrangements to ease the transition of a move to the UK, both schooling and domestic.  We have a range of well-respected trusted partners who are able to assist with property search, concierge and ancillary services.




Interviews form an integral and central part of schools admissions procedures and it is essential for prospective pupils to be properly prepared for them. Former senior teachers at leading schools conduct practice interviews and give expert guidance. Guidance is also given on the standardised aptitude tests now used by many schools as part of their admissions process.


School Selection

We help families to find the right school for their child, at any point of entry and at all times of the school year. We work with  300+ independent schools – across the UK – and are on-hand to help parents and their children through the various stages of the admissions process. Our expert advice and contacts within the schools is designed to make this a more easy and enjoyable experience.