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Located in the heart of the town of Bromsgrove, Bromsgrove School boasts a large 100-acre campus that is a blend of an ancient institution with a modern touch that offers excellent education to the public. A Levels, International Baccalaureate and BTec are all offered in the Sixth Form where pupils of Bromsgrove find themselves flourishing in their respective studies through the exceptional education methods offered by the esteemed institution.

bromsgrove school review

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Table of Contents

Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Co-educational
  • Age range: 13-18
  • Pupils: 950
  • Boarders: 48%
  • Fees: £14,055 termly
  • 2022 A Level Results: 78% A*-B
  • 2022 GCSE Results: 65% A*/A
  • 2022 IB Results: 39.3 Point Average
  • 2022 BTec Results: 51% D*-D


Bromsgrove School is renowned for its remarkable performance in sports, where its renowned boys’ rugby team and girls’ netball team brought home the national finals champion trophy last year. To add on with its splendid history in sports, Bromsgrove School’s rugby team has been playing against King Edward’s School of Birmingham rugby team every year since the year 1875, and it is deemed as one of the oldest continuous rugby fixtures between 2 schools in England.

The success of Bromsgrove School’s education methods translate to the innumerable prestigious bromsgrovians that are bound to thrive in their academics and future careers. Its emphasis on extracurricular activities also inspired students to actively participate in the considerable amount of opportunities offered by the school to ensure students achieve not only academic excellence, but also guarantee student’s with healthy physical and intellectual growth.

Essentially, the significance of a healthy work and life balance promoted by the Bromsgrove School has further consolidated the school’s pre-eminence due to its acclaimed methods, and one thing for certain, it will surely be the right step to nurture and enhance the experience of your children’s education journey.

Additional Info

  • Founded some time in Middle Age
  • Re Established as a Tudor grammar school between 1548 and 1553
  • One of the oldest public school in britain, one of the 14 founding members of the Headmaster’s conference

Bromsgrove School Courses / Programmes

Senior School (ages 7-13)

Fourth and Fifth Form: GCSE , reduced but intensive 1 year GCSE course available for overseas students. 

Sixth Form

– A level : study Four AS levels in the Lower Sixth and Three A2 levels in the Upper Sixth

– International Baccalaureate : study for terminal examination over 2 years

University of London International Foundation Programme

17 – 19 years old before 31st December in the year of registration

Program is offered to students who have studied up to the equivalent of GCSE or IGCSE seeking to enter undergraduate courses in Maths, Economics, Finance, Business, Law, Politics, Management or other Social Science subjects.

2-terms (1 year) program. Modules are as below:

Compulsory Modules

Selective Modules

Mathematics and Statistics

Pure Mathematics



International Relations


Bromsgrove School Entry Requirements and Application Deadlines

Entry requirements

All students seeking admission to Bromsgrove School are required to sit for the Entrance Examinations. Parents seeking the admission of their sons or daughters are asked to download and complete the PDF Registration Form.

All international pupils, including those for Sixth Form entry, sit for the entrance tests in their own country by arrangement with one of Bromsgrove School’s representatives.

Alternatively, they may sit the examinations during a visit to Bromsgrove.

13+ entrance: 

Tests in English, Maths, Verbal and non-Verbal reasoning and essay writing

Sixth form entrance:

Entry depends on GCSE results and an interview for UL candidates

International Foundation Programme entry requirements:

  • To be aged between 17 and 19 before 31 December in the year of registration
  • To have obtained an IELTS (or approved equivalent) of 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in each sub-test
  • If applicable, to have gained five GCSEs/IGCSEs with grades six or above
  • To successfully pass Bromsgrove School Mathematics and English entrance examinations –To supply a copy of the most recent School transcript
  • To provide a personal statement of 500 words
  • Proof of ID
  • To complete a Bromsgrove School application form
  • To participate in an online or face to face interview

Entrance Examination Dates (2023 Entry)

Prep School (Year 7/11+)

Year 7 / 11+ Entry

Senior School (Years 9/13 )

Friday 25th November 2022

Prep School (Years 3&4)

Years 5, 6 & 8 Entry

Saturday 14th January 2023

Sixth Form

Based on interview and GCSE results

Dates are provisional and may be subject to change.


Bromsgrove School 2022 Rankings

According to our A Levels League Table, Bromsgrove School’s 2021 cohort managed to rank 73rd in the country. In the same year, Bromsgrove ranked 72nd in our GCSE League Table. The school has yet to be added to 2022 league tables for now, but we’re sure that it will maintain its league table positions as the school’s results have been consistently good.

Bromsgrove School 2022 Results

In 2022, the school managed to score 78% A*-B at the A Levels and 65% A*/A at the GCSEs. The school also offers other programmes such as IB and BTec, where it achieved a 39.3 point average for IB and 51% D*-D for BTec in the same year.
Compared to the school’s results in 2020, it managed to maintain its excellent standards across all of its offered programmes. In 2020, the school achieved 59% A*-As at the A Levels and 65% 9-7 grades at the GCSEs. It also achieved a 39.3 point average at IB and 47% Distinctions at BTec in 2020. This shows that Bromsgrove has always maintained its high standards of education despite challenges posed by the pandemic.

Bromsgrove School 2022/23 Fees

The following are the termly fees at Bromsgrove School for the academic year of 2022/23.

Registration Fee

All Registrations


Acceptance Deposit 

Day Place / Forces Boarder



UK / EU Boarding place


Additional Deposit

Non-EU Boarding place


* The total Acceptance Deposit for a non-EU boarding place is £3000 on top of one term’s fees

** The deposit is refunded once the final term’s fees and extras have been settled

Senior School Fees

All years




Weekly Boarder





  • Please note that the prompt payment allowance for settlement within seven days of the start of term is £200 per term, applicable to Senior and Prep School Fees. The fee shown is net of this deduction.
International Foundation Programme: £32,000/year: includes tuition, accommodation, food, University of London fee and exam centre fee.

Additional Charges

Music Charges


Per 40 minute lesson


  • Please note that ten teaching weeks’ notice is required for cessation of music lessons and such notice must be given to the Director of Music

Bromsgrove School Reviews


“I was a full boarder. Educationally it really helped me progress, I had fantastic opportunities for sport, CCF and the expedition club. I excelled more outside of the classroom than in it. In the lower school I had access to a film darkroom and I went on to become a photographer, occasionally making money from this.”


“Bromsgrove is a lovely, well-respected school and has fabulous facilities. It’s large but very welcoming. Has a nice coffee shop and gives great food to visiting teams!”


“I think Bromsgrove is a hidden gem of a school. It is a very pupil centred school and from our experience, pastoral care is amazing. I really feel they look after the students and guide them well. The facilities are also amazing and the girls boarding houses are very modern and comfortable. As it is a big school it offers something for everyone. There are lots of sports on offer (sport is a real strength) loads of drama and music.”


“In general, I’m glad that I chose this option. I feel how talking becomes simpler and easier, words are chosen in my head faster, some simple answers and greetings in my head are in English, there is no need to translate. Of course, at first it was difficult: it seemed to me that I know English well, but when you talk to the media (and every second has some accent!), it’s difficult. At first, it turned out okay only to speak with foreigners (for whom also English was not native), but then I got used to it.”

Bromsgrove School Accommodation

Boarding Houses

Elmhurst – Boys

Houseman Hall – Boys and Girls, Sixth Form only

Marry Windsor – Girls

Wendron-Gordon – Boys

Oakley – Girls

All the accommodation within the boarding houses is of a very high standard. A rolling refurbishment programme means that all the boarding accommodation is updated and decorated regularly. 

Nurses will visit each boarding house every night to ensure the well-being of Bromsgrove School’s boarders.

Bromsgrove School Student Services and Extracurricular Activities

Bromsgrove School puts a large emphasis on the holistic development of its students through the offerings of an extensive list of extracurricular activities such as karate, basketball, and badminton just to name a few. Bromsgrove School has also made a name for itself through the immense success of the rugby and hockey team, where the school is recently ranked fourth in the country in School Sports Magazine for its exemplary sporting initiatives.

Saturday activities

Bromsgrove prides itself with the offerings of a wide range of extracurricular activities. On normal Saturdays, students are encouraged to take a break from academics and dwell themselves in various activities such as drama, rock climbing, ceramics, martial arts and many more. Students can enroll themselves in courses as they please, but some activities would require extra commitments to achieve further progressions and benefits.

Sunday activities

Bromsgrove School boarders usually enjoy fun Sunday outings to a local cinema, bowling alley or cultural trip to historical landmarks. These leisure activities will surely benefit the students by providing them with a break from hectic study days.

Bromsgrove School Contact Information

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