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UCAS Clearing Overview

The UCAS Clearing for 2023 opens on July 5. It is a great opportunity to get offers from universities if you haven’t secured any suitable offers from UCAS yet. Find out what courses are available here.

What is UCAS Clearing?

UCAS Clearing matches vacancies in university courses to applicants who have not received or accepted an offer. Not all UCAS applicants need to go through Clearing as it is meant for those who applied after 30 June, do not have any offers from the universities they have applied to or that they want to accept, or they have not received a confirmed place in a programme. Those who submitted their UCAS application after 30 June will be entered into Clearing.

Being in Clearing does not mean rejection – according to UCAS, over 64 000 applicants received their places through Clearing in 2017. Clearing is simply another step in the process of attending the right course for you.

How long is UCAS Clearing?

UCAS Clearing is available from 5 July – 17 October.

Do take a look at our simple infographic about UCAS Deadlines which details all the key dates that you need to know if you’re applying to a UK university.

When can I use Clearing?

Clearing is available from 5 July to 17 October. You will be placed in Clearing if you meet the criteria:

  1. Submitted your UCAS application after 30 June
  2. Did not receive any offers or any that you want 
  3. Did not meet the conditions of an offer
  4. Declined your firm choice in Track

What is Clearing Plus?

Clearing Plus is a service offered by UCAS that provides personalized options for Clearing.

If you’re in Clearing, you may find a button in Track which is called ‘View matches’. Here, you will be able to find the top 50 course matches that UCAS believes you might be interested in.

This is determined based on your qualifications and the previous courses you have applied to.

If you like any of the course matches shown to you in Track, you could click a button to tell UCAS you’re interested in the course. Then, if you meet the course requirements and there’s a vacancy, the university may give you a call.

Clearing Plus has really simplified the process for students in Clearing. You could read more about Clearing Plus on UCAS’ website here. If you want to apply to a course that isn’t among your course matches, you can still try to look it up using the search tool and apply normally.

UCAS Clearing Courses And Vacancies 2024

UCAS Clearing officially opens around July 2024. Below you can find our popular UCAS clearing choices to apply for. For other courses, you may contact us directly and we will help you to find the best clearing course based on your requirements.

Popular UCAS Clearing Choices

University of Birmingham Clearing

Most programmes from the following departments are available on Clearing:

  • College of Arts and Law
    • LLB Law is available on Clearing.
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences
    • A number of MEng programmes are not available on Clearing.
  • Life and Environmental Sciences
  • Medical and Dental Sciences
    • Only selected Biomedical and Pharmacy programmes are available.
  • Social Sciences

University of Bradford Clearing

Bradford’s programmes are mostly available on Clearing including their pharmacy courses. Find a list of all Clearing vacancies on the university’s website here.

University of Bristol Clearing

The University of Bristol has published its Clearing vacancies for international students here.

University of Keele Clearing

Most courses are available on Clearing except the following:

  • Medicine
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Midwifery
  • Children’s nursing 

You could find Keele’s full list of Clearing vacancies here.

University of Kent Clearing

Most of the humanities subjects offered by Kent are available on Clearing, including subjects such as psychology, law and economics. Some BEng (engineering) courses at Kent are also available. Read the full list of courses on the University of Kent’s website here.

University of Kingston Clearing

Most subjects offered at Kingston are still available on Clearing. Kingston has a list of their courses on Clearing here.

University of Liverpool Clearing

Most courses are available except dentistry courses. Read more on the university’s website here.

University of Manchester Clearing

The majority of courses from the following faculties or schools are available on Clearing:

  • Faculty of Humanities (including Social Sciences, Languages and Culture)
  • School of Engineering (over 40 engineering programmes are available on Clearing)
  • School of Natural Sciences (including Mathematics, Materials)

Read Manchester’s Clearing vacancies for international students here.

University of Nottingham Clearing

The majority of courses offered by Nottingham are available on Clearing. Read Nottingham’s list of vacancies for Clearing here.

University of Reading Clearing

Contact the University of Reading or find their courses on Track to find a list of their Clearing courses. For more information about the Clearing process for the University of Reading, please refer to its website here.

University of Westminster Clearing

Over 200 courses are available from the following faculties:

  • Accounting and Finance, Business and Management, Economics, Tourism and Event Management, Marketing
  • Art, Design and Visual Culture, Criminology and Sociology, English, Fashion, Film and Television, History, Languages, Law, Media and Communications, Music, Politics and International Relations, Psychology
  • Architecture and Interiors, Construction Management and Urban Planning, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Computer Science, Nutrition and Public Health, Data Science

See all courses available for Clearing at Westminster here.

* All the information in this section is accurate at the time of publication and may be subject to change as the vacancies are taken up.

UCAS Clearing Frequently Asked Questions

You can do so via Track. Contact us on our page here if you require assistance using Clearing.

Clearing is free unless you applied to only one course for UCAS and initially paid £20. In this case, you will have to pay an additional £5 to use Clearing.

Your status in Track will either inform you that you are in Clearing or that Clearing has started. You can find your Clearing number on the welcome page.

You do not have to reply to a Clearing offer. Simply add your choice of courses on Track. If you’re accepted, the university will confirm your place on Track and contact you.

Most universities do have Clearing if they have vacancies available. Some universities such as Oxbridge and other competitive universities do not do Clearing.

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