Brighton College UK Guide: Reviews, Ranking, Fees And More

Brighton College UK Guide
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Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Co-educational
  • Age range: 11-18
  • Pupils: 1,225; sixth formers: 430
  • Fees: Day: £7,720 – £10,590 termly; Boarding: £21,670 – £22,840 termly
  • 2023 A Level Results: 80% A*-A
  • 2023 GCSE Results: 88% 9-7


Brighton College is among the best in the country, as recognised by a number of league tables of UK schools such as the Times, Daily Telegraph, and Parent Power. In 2023, the school managed to achieve 80% A*-As at the A Levels and 88% 9-7 at the GCSEs. 

A big part of Brighton College’s success is due to its focus on the personal development of its students. One such example is how they often push kindness in their students. Brighton’s pedagogical philosophy is that students do their best when they’re at their best. Therefore, Brighton recognizes and celebrates its students as individuals, giving them the confidence they deserve. Brighton’s main goal is for students to be comfortable in their own skin and to be real with themselves.

Brighton provides pupils with passionate teachers – these dedicated educators go the extra mile to inspire students to be the best version of themselves. This kindness and love they express to students in their care explain how Brighton has been able to excel so consistently.

Brighton College Courses And Programmes

Here are the courses offered by Brighton College:

  • 11+ Curriculum (Year 7 and 8)
  • GCSE (Year 9)
  • A-levels

Brighton College Application Deadline

11+ Curriculum

The admissions process for 11+ starts in Year 6. Registration is recommended at least one year prior to entry.

GCSE (13+)

Brighton recommends that you register as soon as possible and by 1st November at the latest.

A-levels (16+)

The admissions process for 16+ starts in Year 11. Registration is recommended at least one year prior to entry,

Brighton College Ranking

According to our A Levels League Table, Brighton College ranked 12th in the country among all boarding schools for A Levels in 2023. In our GCSE League Table, Brighton ranked 12th among all other boarding schools in 2023. 

Brighton ranked number 9 in the 2019 Daily Telegraph League Table for A-levels with 80.93% A*-As. In 2019, Brighton’s excellent results at the A-levels and GCSEs were record-breaking – an amazing feat that they have managed to outdo this year. With its excellent track record, we believe Brighton is only going to achieve better in the course of time.

Brighton College 2023 A Levels And GCSE Results

Brighton College achieved an impressive 80% A*-As in the 2023 A Levels. Brighton’s GCSE cohort of 2023 also managed to score a stunning 88% 9-7 grades.

Historically, Brighton College has consistently achieved great results and has been ranked among the top in the country in league tables. In the 2020 Parent Power League Table, which is considered the benchmark for academic excellence in the UK, Brighton College was recognised to have achieved the highest result among co-educational schools in the country.

Brighton College Past GCSE Results:

Brighton College achieved an impressive 89.6% A*-As in the 2022 A Levels, placing the school among the top ten in the country. In 2021, Brighton’s pupils scored 87% 9-7s. In 2020, 96% of pupils scored 9-7/A*-A. 

Brighton College Past A Levels Results:

In 2021, Brighton College’s students managed to achieve 87% A*-As. Brighton’s GCSE cohort of 2022 managed to score a stunning 94% 9-7 grades. These are the first set of results from standardised tests since 2019. 

Brighton College Fees

The 2024-25 termly fees for international students at Brighton College are as follows:

Prep School (Nursery)

Sessions Fees 
5 Morning Sessions £2,510
4 Morning Sessions and 1 Full Day £3,030
3 Morning Sessions and 2 Full Days £3,550
2 Morning Sessions and 3 Full Days £4,070
1 Morning Session and 4 Full Days £4,590
5 Full Days £5,110

Senior School

Day Fees
Weekly Boarding
Full Boarding
7  – Lower 3rd
8  – Upper 3rd
9 – 4th Form
10 – Lower 5th
11  – Upper 5th
12  – Lower 6th
13  – Upper 6th

Brighton College Entry Requirements

Year 9 (13+)

Offers for 13+ entry to Brighton College are made after a pre-test assessment, and they are conditional on a successful performance in the Common Entrance (CE) or academic scholarship examination in Year 8. Modified arrangements exist for pupils who attend a school that does not prepare pupils for Common Entrance and details can be obtained from the Admissions office.

Year 12 (16+)

The first round of assessments will involve written papers in verbal reasoning, English, maths and a general paper assessing aptitudes in scientific reasoning, logic, and writing. This will be followed by a second round of interviews the following week.

Brighton College Reviews

F. Gallagher
A hidden gem of a campus in the middle of Brighton with some lovely modern buildings among the traditional Victoriana. Pupils appear bright, polite and charming. One of the most impressive academic reputations in the UK.

Brighton College pride itself on its academic results, both for GCSE and A-level, something which achieved through a rigorous academic program. The school is generally an all-rounder, although it appears to excel at English, languages and the humanities. The approach of the school appears to be one targeted at success in examinations as well as, in latter years, the attainment of places in top universities, including Cambridge and Oxford. Class sizes are generally good and teaching is ofter targeted towards the general needs of the pupil. 

Nigel C

It is a place where each individual is valued and respected. Academic life is rigorous with various extra-curricular activities on offer.


My children at Brighton are very happy to go to school every day. The teachers are really good and dedicated, I will always be grateful to this wonderful school. I have peace of mind with my children under their care.


The decision to put my son in Brighton College has been one of the best decisions I have made. The staff are friendly which really puts me at ease, you really do feel like part of a family here. It puts a smile on my face when I hear about what my son has learned at school and the activities he’s part of. He couldn’t be in better hands, I’m grateful to the school for that.

Faleti T

An amazing school with a huge reputation for excellence in sports and music. They rock!

Brighton College Accommodation

At Brighton, there is a knowledgeable and committed team of boarding staff which creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere across the six boarding houses.

There is a medical center that provides 24/7 healthcare by trained professionals. Brighton prides in keeping pupils safe and healthy, each house gives pupils a community and a comfortable home where they can feel a sense of belonging, make friends and take part in activities.

From this, students can grow academically, physically and emotionally and make great leaps in life.

Facility-wise, Brighton’s latest girls’ boarding house was awarded a RIBA architectural prize and was longlisted for the prestigious Stirling Prize. This shows the impressive and complex design of the house, providing maximum comfort and to ensure that the boarding facilities are a real home away from home.

Weekly boarding

Where pupils can enjoy four nights of school life, and three weekend nights at home with their parents. Pupils have the option of joining in with weekend activities if they wish. This gives pupils the best of both worlds with a balance of school-life and family-life.

Full boarding

The lively community of full boarders enjoys all the same perks as weekly boarders plus the opportunity to join the weekend activities. Pupils may choose from a terrific array of games and clubs.

Sixth Form boarding

Living away from home is the first tribulation before entering university life. Therefore, Sixth boarding offers a real stepping stone to being a university student. The boarding houses all offer Sixth Form boarding.

Brighton College Student Services And Extra-Curricular Activities

“At Brighton College, our ethos is very much about sport for everyone. We cater for all pupils, and for those who enjoy competitive games we are one of the leading sporting schools in England.” – Brighton College

Brighton encourages all pupils to take up sports as it helps pupils develop teamwork and life skills which brings success and resilience beyond school life. Brighton wants all students to enjoy sport, regardless of their ability. Time and attention are devoted to those who are less confident as well as those with more experience for them to prosper in it.

Brighton had just launched its £55 million School of Science and Sport. Positioned alongside the school’s Home Ground, this space will provide with a basketball court; a running track; and break out spaces for physical education state-of-the-art training opportunities.

Among some of the features, pupils will have access to a dedicated strength and conditioning suite; a 25-metre pool and a double-height sports hall. Pupils also have access to the Brighton Blues rugby pitch, the athletics resources at the Withdean Stadium, Hove Lagoon and Yellowave beach courts.

Brighton’s excellent sporting reputation has the sheer number of pupils to thank for, these students take part in sport each week and is dedicated to improving themselves.

Brighton has a team that enters national competitions in rugby, cricket, netball, girls’ hockey, football, cross country, athletics, tennis and swimming. Tours and training camps take place across all sports. Recently, Brighton’s cricket teams played in Sri Lanka, netball teams toured Dubai and football teams trained in Spain.

Brighton College Contact Information

Official Website:


Eastern Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 0AL

Email Address:

[email protected]


01273 704 200

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