League Table: A-Level Results 2019

Here are the 2019 league table results for UK boarding schools

When searching for an independent (or private) school to send your child to, it is important to consider many factors, such as the school’s location, size, facilities, gender profile etc. If you are specifically looking for an academically excellent school, it is also a good idea to consider the A-level league table.

Here is the list of the top 200+ UK private schools published by The Daily Telegraph. The rankings are based on the percentage of A*-A grades achieved by students who took A-levels in 2019.

List Of A-Level Results By Boarding School

RankSchoolA*/A or equivalent (%)Candidates
1Oxford International College, Oxford91.8443
2Cardiff Sixth Form College, Cardiff89.88133
3King’s College School (KCS), Wimbledon84.25206
4Westminster School, Westminster83.54195
5Concord College, Shrewsbury83.52179
6Magdalen College School, Oxford82.4155
7Ruthin School, Ruthin8284
8City of London School, London81.2125
9Brighton College, Brighton80.93214
10Queen Ethelburga’s College, York80.05136
11The Perse School, Cambridge79.15179
12Hampton School, Hampton78.41185
13Guildford High School for Girls, Guildford77.6794
14Oxford High School GDST, Oxford77.6556
15St Mary’s School Ascot, Ascot77.4961
16City of London School For Girls, The City77.1474
17South Hampstead High School GDST, Hampstead76.1573
18The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, Elstree75.84148
19Highgate School, Highgate75.82181
20King Edward’s School, Birmingham, Birmingham75.73103
21Merchant Taylors’ School, Northwood75.28140
22King Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham75.2176
23North London Collegiate School, Edgware75120
24University College School, Hampstead, Hampstead74.89144
25The Manchester Grammar School, Manchester74.61161
26Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls, Borehamwood74.18107
27St Michael’s School, Llanelli73.4649
28James Allen’s Girls’ School, London73.499
29Withington Girls’ School, Manchester71.1773
30St Clare’s, Oxford70.59102
31The Faculty of Queen Ethelburga’s, York70.09105
32Wimbledon High School GDST, Wimbledon69.6283
33Stephen Perse Foundation, Cambridge69.561
34Manchester High School for Girls, Manchester69.176
35Eltham College, Mottingham68.45118
36Alleyn’s School, Dulwich68.06151
37Putney High School GDST, Putney67.7798
38St Albans High School for Girls, St Albans67.6884
39Marymount International School, Kingston upon Thames67.5936
40Channing School, London67.5462
41Royal Grammar School, Guildford67.12138
42St Gabriel’s School, Newbury67.0926
43Epsom College, Epsom66.92173
44Whitgift School, South Croydon66.73177
45Kingston Grammar School, Kingston upon Thames66.3117
46St Helen and St Katharine, Abingdon65.8196
47Bancroft’s School, Woodford Green65.77116
48The King’s School, Cheshire, Chester65.28110
49Ardingly College, Haywards Heath64.74125
50St Catherine’s, Bramley, Guildford64.1783
51Dulwich College, Dulwich63.85234
52City of London Freemen’s School, Ashtead63.34112
53Caterham School, Caterham62.8155
54St John’s College, Cardiff, Cardiff62.439
55Immanuel College, Bushey62.3347
56The Grange School, Northwich61.7677
57Charterhouse, Godalming61.7216
58Churcher’s College, Petersfield61.4113
59King Edward’s School, Bath60.61132
60The Maynard School, Exeter60.2847
61The Abbey School, Reading60.2385
62Royal Grammar School, Newcastle upon Tyne59.45174
63Norwich School, Norwich59.3163
64St Peter’s School, York58.59126
65Surbiton High School, Kingston upon Thames58.39106
66Farnborough Hill, Farnborough58.2145
67Ibstock Place School, Roehampton58.1274
68St Albans School, St Albans58.05152
69Headington School, Oxford56.82129
70Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital, Bristol56.1995
71Notting Hill and Ealing High School GDST, Ealing55.7383
72Nottingham High School, Nottingham55.22118
73Yarm School, Yarm55.18105
74Mayfield School, Mayfield55.0353
75Roedean School, Brighton54.886
76The Queen’s School, Chester, Chester54.0745
77Badminton School, Bristol54.0451
78Hurtwood House, Dorking54.02155
79Francis Holland School, Regent’s Park, London53.860
80Walthamstow Hall, Sevenoaks53.5755
81The King’s School, Canterbury, Canterbury53.47179
82Exeter School, Exeter53.08110
83St George’s College Weybridge, Addlestone52.97124
84Windermere School, Windermere52.2736
85Rougemont School, Newport52.2144
86Oundle School, Peterborough52.16200
87Queen’s Gate School, London52.0847
88Howell’s School Llandaff GDST, Cardiff51.9899
89Chetham’s School of Music, Manchester51.8358
90Nottingham Girls’ High School GDST, Nottingham51.8189
91The Leys School, Cambridge51.66103
92Sir William Perkins’s School, Chertsey51.6561
93Newcastle High School for Girls GDST, Newcastle upon Tyne51.2183
94Bolton School Girls’ Division, Bolton51.1387
95St Mary’s School, Cambridge, Cambridge50.8339
96Cheadle Hulme School, Cheadle50.78127
97King’s High School, Warwick50.4473
98Colfe’s School, Lee50.2177
99Bedford Modern School, Bedford50135
100d’Overbroeck’s, Oxford49.9149
101Leicester Grammar School, Great Glen49.7108
102Bellerbys College Cambridge, Cambridge49.3828
103Oakham School, Oakham49.34184
104Birkenhead School, Wirral49.2445
105Bromley High School GDST, Bromley49.1961
106The Grammar School at Leeds, Leeds49.1216
107Bishop’s Stortford College, Bishop’s Stortford48.68120
108The Purcell School for Young Musicians, Watford48.3344
109New Hall School, Chelmsford48.0197
110Croydon High School GDST, South Croydon47.7829
111Warwick School, Warwick47.77150
112Talbot Heath School, Bournemouth47.7335
113Canford School, Wimborne47.49137
114Loughborough High School, Loughborough47.3384
115Farlington School, Horsham46.8830
116Durham High School for Girls, Durham46.8130
117Shrewsbury High School GDST, Shrewsbury46.551
118The Portsmouth Grammar School, Portsmouth46.28189
119Haileybury, Hertford46.27138
120Jersey College for Girls, Jersey46.13100
121Brampton College, Hendon46.01142
122Chigwell School, Chigwell45.7578
123Woldingham School, Caterham45.5464
124St John’s School, Leatherhead45.52128
125The Royal High School Bath GDST, Bath44.9675
126Notre Dame Senior School, Cobham44.9430
127Alderley Edge School for Girls, Alderley Edge44.6833
128ACS Cobham International School, Cobham44.478
129Ipswich School, Ipswich44.3123
130St Helen’s School, Northwood44.2470
131West Buckland School, Barnstaple43.8259
132Queen’s College London, London43.5747
133Stockport Grammar School, Stockport43.5296
134Bolton School Boys’ Division, Bolton43.29108
135Burgess Hill Girls, Burgess Hill43.2436
136Edgbaston High School for Girls, Birmingham43.256
137Bristol Grammar School, Bristol43.13154
138King William’s College, Castletown43.0355
139Wakefield Girls’ High School, Wakefield42.7477
140Leicester High School for Girls, Leicester42.6725
141Bradford Grammar School, Bradford42.59121
142Truro School, Truro42.5473
143Kent College, Canterbury42.4169
144Queen Margaret’s School, York42.3148
145St Benedict’s School, Ealing42.22109
146Bede’s Senior School, Hailsham41.95140
147Sheffield High School for Girls, Sheffield41.79107
148Malvern St James Girls’ School, Great Malvern41.6150
148Royal Russell School, Croydon41.61116
150St Francis’ College, Letchworth Garden City41.1825
150The Cathedral School Llandaff, Cardiff41.1860
152Birkdale School, Sheffield40.91114
153Queen’s College, Taunton40.3869
154The King’s School, Worcester40.34133
155Moreton Hall, Oswestry40.1259
156Elizabeth College, Guernsey4062
156Clifton High School, Bristol4028
158St Leonards, St Andrews39.8961
159Brighton Girls GDST, Brighton39.3330
160Monmouth School for Girls, Monmouth39.2568
161Reading Blue Coat School, Reading39.13114
161Northwood College for Girls GDST, Northwood39.1360
163Christ College, Brecon38.8255
164Bury Grammar School, Bury38.6871
165Monmouth School for Boys, Monmouth38.573
166Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School, Liverpool38.4991
166The King’s School, Macclesfield38.49108
166Taunton Senior School, Taunton38.49120
169Streatham and Clapham High School GDST, Streatham38.2649
170Newcastle-under-Lyme School, Newcastle-under-Lyme38.2181
171RGS Worcester, Worcester38.01106
172Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh37.9573
173Hymers College, Hull37.9393
174Northampton High School GDST, Northampton37.7550
175King Henry VIII School, Coventry37.62105
176Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School, Liverpool37.4358
177Ashford School, Ashford37.3473
178Our Lady’s Abingdon School, Abingdon37.2331
179TASIS The American School in England, Egham37.2143
180Bablake School, Coventry36.7689
181Lingfield College, Lingfield36.7186
182Kimbolton School, Huntingdon36.34100
183Derby High School, Derby36.1136
184Hill House School, Doncaster36.0344
185Norwich High School GDST, Norwich35.8244
186Mander Portman Woodward (MPW), South Kensington35.25362
187Mill Hill School, Mill Hill35.17137
188Wellington School, Wellington35.0474
189Wellingborough School, Wellingborough34.7463
190St Dunstan’s College, Catford34.7354
191St Edmund’s College, Ware34.6770
192The Royal School, Armagh34.5398
193Oldham Hulme Grammar Schools, Oldham34.3854
194Tudor Hall School, Banbury34.3146
195St George’s School, Ascot, Ascot34.1825
196Leighton Park School, Reading34.0958
197Cambridge Tutors College, Croydon34.0430
198Forest School, London34.01144
199The Royal School Dungannon, Dungannon33.8664
199Claremont Fan Court School, Esher33.8641
201Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield33.65105
202Godolphin School, Salisbury32.8750
203Wolverhampton Grammar School, Wolverhampton32.7777
204Sutton High School GDST, Sutton3225
205Welbeck – The Defence Sixth Form College, Loughborough31.99148
206The John Lyon School, Harrow on the Hill31.9672
207Felsted School, Dunmow31.55121
208Woodhouse Grove School, Apperley Bridge31.5190
209Derby Grammar School, Derby31.2532
210Durham School, Durham31.1576
211Hereford Cathedral School, Hereford31.1145
212Mount Kelly, Tavistock31.0848
213Kingham Hill School, Chipping Norton31.0342
214Pocklington School, York30.9883
215Reddam House, Berkshire, Wokingham30.4934
216Bosworth Independent College, Northampton30.391
217Glenalmond College, Perth29.6379
218The Ladies’ College, Guernsey29.5350
219St Edmund’s School Canterbury, Canterbury29.4161
220Ipswich High School, Ipswich29.3743
221Ryde School, Ryde29.2772
222Rochester Independent College, Rochester29.1150
223Blackheath High School GDST, Blackheath28.5731
224Ashville College, Harrogate28.1879
225Salesian College, Farnborough2867
226Plymouth College, Plymouth27.2775
227Stafford Grammar School, Stafford26.8536
228Oxford Sixth Form College, Oxford26.5298
229Culford School, Bury St Edmunds25.7475
230St Columba’s College, St Albans25.3963
231Queenswood, Hatfield25.250
232DLD College London, London25123
233Shebbear College, Beaworthy24.7132
233The Mount School York, York24.7125
235Saint Felix School, Southwold24.6626
236St James Senior Boys’ School, Ashford24.2433
237Harrogate Ladies’ College, Harrogate2438
238Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, Tring23.8968
239Loretto School, Musselburgh23.2753
240Lincoln Minster School, Lincoln23.241
241Abbey Gate College, Chester23.1441
242St John’s College, Southsea22.6138
243St Edward’s Senior & Sixth Form, Cheltenham22.1238
244AKS, Lytham St Annes21.2850
245Rye St Antony School, Oxford21.0526
246Our Lady of Sion School, Worthing2028
247Buckswood School, Hastings19.7762
248Scarborough College, Scarborough19.6438
249St Bede’s College, Manchester18.7947
250Farringtons School, Chislehurst18.2556
251Akeley Wood, Buckingham17.7636
252Bournemouth Collegiate School, Bournemouth17.737
253Oswestry School, Oswestry16.140
254Fine Arts College, London16.0684
255Wisbech Grammar School, Wisbech15.9740
256Ackworth School, Pontefract1533
257Westholme School, Blackburn12.8446
258More House School, Farnham9.5229
259Claires Court Schools, Maidenhead7.3266
260St David’s College, Llandudno5.2634