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Westminster School, located in the heart of London, is renowned for its rich history and prestigious reputation in the realm of education. Established over 700 years ago, this esteemed institution has consistently upheld its tradition of academic excellence, nurturing generations of scholars and leaders. In this guide, we will delve into the illustrious past, present, and promising future of Westminster School, exploring its exceptional educational programmes, unique campus, and the distinctive experiences it offers to students from around the world.

Westminster School UK Reviews
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Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Boys, Co-educational (Sixth Form only)
  • Age range: 12-19
  • Pupils: 761
  • Boarders: 20%
  • Fees: Boarding £52,488 per annum
  • 2023 A Level Results: 82.3% A*/A
  • 2023 GCSE Results: 96.51% 9-7


Westminster School is a place which embraces the art of thinking, that students are able to question and explore content, expanding their mind. Knowledge and understanding are one of which Westminster School takes pride in.

Students of Westminster School have earned places at top schools worldwide and are known to achieve exceptional public examination results. Every year, around 45% of pupils are accepted by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge! 

Along with their high academic achievements, students at Westminster are prepared to challenge, to question and to push boundaries. Students are encouraged to use their skills and intelligence to benefit society, making the world a better place through their gifts. Westminster believes the success of the pupils is the result of the students’ enjoyment of academic inquiry, debate and search for explanation well beyond any published syllabus.

Westminster School Courses And Programmes


*All pupils must study Maths, English Language, English Literature, French and at least two of the three sciences; however, beyond that, the choice of subjects is personal to each pupil and their parents.


*Students pick their own subjects. Westminster prides itself on offering an excellent range of subjects, all of which are taught by specialist staff.

Westminster School Application Deadline

Applications for boarding places should be submitted to the College before the September prior to the start of the academic year the student wishes to enter. For example, applications for entry in either September 2024 or January 2025 should be submitted before September 2023.

Westminster School Ranking

Westminster School ranked 9th in our 2023 UK A-level league table with some outstanding results! Their 2023 A level result is 82.3% A*-A. Westminster School also excelled in our 2023 GCSE League Table, where it earned its number two spot with its stunning achievement of 96.51% 9-7.

Westminster School Fees For 2024-2025

Here are the Westminster school fees for 2024/2025 by term and year:

13+ Fees
13+ day pupils£12,291£36,873
13+ boarding pupils£17,496£52,488
13+ King’s Scholars£12,291£36,873
16+ Fees
16+ day pupils£13,245£39,735
16+ boarding pupils£17,496£52,488
16+ King’s Scholars£13,245£39,735

Westminster School Entry Requirements

Academic Criteria for selection at 13+

  • A mark of 70% in all the required Common Entrance papers or the equivalent standard in The Challenge.
  • A positive recommendation from the headteacher of the applicant’s present school.
  • A satisfactory interview.

Academic Criteria for selection at 16+

  • High marks in the competitive entrance examinations
  • A positive recommendation from the headteacher of the applicant’s present school
  • Satisfactory interviews

*Preference factors: Relative performance of the applicant in examination, interviews and/or recommendation from his/her present school and if the applicant has special aptitudes or gifts. Westminster is looking for well-rounded and balanced pupils and those with exceptional abilities.

Westminster School Reviews

George F.

When our son attended Westminster School it was an extremely positive experience, both for him and for us. It seemed that the overt academic excellence was matched by the more subtle, but also more important, authentic intellectual dimension. I wish I’d been a Westminster student myself!


All in all, those who make it through Westminster are very capable at their subjects and perhaps more importantly have a strong general knowledge base; knowing about politics, current affairs, and interesting non-curricular facts from their subjects.


There is no academic weakness in Westminster school, the teachers are the best that can be found and are almost all passionate about their subject and about teaching. There is a healthy deviance from the syllabus and despite keeping a constant eye on exams and university entry people are encouraged to read around the syllabus.

Amerali T.

This is a fine school with high qualities of teaching. They encourage free learning for children who are advanced at learning.


Every Westminster pupil I’ve met were bright, intelligent and incredibly insightful. Students here are encouraged to read beyond their syllabus and it’s truly fostered a culture of learning which I believe will carry well into their adulthood.


My son has been boarding at Westminster since he was 7 and now he is 11. He’s learned so much here and he loves school. The teachers are really caring, they treat the children like they’re their own children. I’d recommend Westminster to any parent!

Westminster School Accommodation

Students are encouraged to live on school premises as there are many perks. Pupils can take full advantage of the school’s extended evening programme of concerts, plays, and many more. Students can also reduce traveling time with helps their studies and all boarders have a structured prep session every evening with the support of Housemasters and Tutors.

At Westminster, students learn to not only speak up but to also listen to others. Westminster encourages students to willingly care for others as well as to talk about their problems. Personal tutors are assigned to each student, they stay with the pupils throughout the pupils’ school life. Tutors help students in everything such as helping them navigate school life, juggle academic and extra-curricular activities, make subject choices and finalize university decisions. Each pupil is given a house to be in, a community of students who can learn from each other and grow. Each house has a dedicated Matron and houses do many activities together, like a family.

Westminster School Student Services And Extra-Curricular Activities

Westminster wants students to not only make use of their talents and take intellectual risks but also to pursue a healthy and all-rounded lifestyle.


Westminster has amazing facilities! The school has a huge outdoor space for sport: pupils have a shooting gallery and several fives courts in addition to playing fields at Vincent Square. Westminster also have a wonderful Sports Centre that offers over 6,000m² of indoor space, housing a multi-use movement studio, a rowing training suite, fencing pistes, indoor cricket nets, a fully equipped gym, two climbing walls, a Judoka and table tennis area and courts for basketball, netball, five-a-side football, volleyball, hockey and badminton. Students are also trained by professional coaches which have represented their countries in major international competitions, including the Olympic Games. Sports improve qualities such as time-management, determination, commitment, and initiative that can be developed through competing against other individuals and teams, in addition to learning how to be both gracious winners and good losers.


Participation in the Arts increases civic engagement and leads to better overall social cohesion. Therefore, Westminster creates a platform for students to not just learn how to play the instruments but to build their confidence, improve their communication and social skills, increase creativity and explore and express their questions and conclusions. Westminster takes great pride in the creative endeavors of the pupils and showcases them throughout the school year, with numerous exhibitions, concerts, and plays. Across all ages and abilities, opportunities abound for involvement in our vibrant Arts program.


Westminster has up to 40+ societies. These societies show diversity in the school with societies focused on politics or art or even more academic-based societies such as the biology society. What is more impressive than pupils leading the societies? Nothing. Students learn so much more about leadership and new abilities to guide their team and improve as a whole. Achievements and awards have been earned by these societies.

Westminster School Contact Information

Official Website: 



Deans Yard, 17A, London SW1P 3PB, United Kingdom

Email Address:

[email protected]

Phone number:

+44 20 7963 1000

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