(Updated) UK University League Table 2023 And Rankings

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Want to know which are the best UK Universities to study at? Here are the rankings of the top UK Universities:

Our UK University League Table ranking methodology is based on the following data sources:

  • QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023
  • The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) which provides data for entry standards, student-staff ratios, spending on academic services, facilities spending, good honours degrees, graduate prospects, completion and international student enrolments.
  • Individual university reported data.

Popular Courses in UK Universities

Business Studies - Recommended UK Universities

The University of Bath certainly needs no introduction. Ranking number three in the UK for business studies, their four-year Bachelor of Science in Business programme includes professional placements which bolster graduate employability and enrich the students’ learning experience.

In just over a decade, the University of Exeter’s Business school has already established itself as one of the top UK institutions for business studies. Their programme offers a three-year degree with flexible module options and students may opt to study a year abroad or complete a professional placement. Do take note that the University of Exeter’s Bachelor of Science in Business programme is conducted at their campus in Cornwall.

Check out our article Top UK Universities for Business Studies here.

Engineering - Recommended UK Universities

The University of Cambridge is a great choice for any prospective engineer as it ranks number one for many engineering specialisations such as Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical & Electronic Engineering. In their 4-year courses, you will be taught the fundamentals in engineering in your first and second years, and you will be studying subjects that train you for your chosen discipline in your third and fourth years. They offer degrees in nine areas of specialisation and their Master’s programme is accredited by various professional institutions.

You could read more about the University of Cambridge’s engineering courses on their website or read more about the application process via UCAS here.

Engineering - Recommended UK Universities

The University of Cambridge is a great choice for any prospective engineer as it ranks number one for many engineering specialisations such as Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical & Electronic Engineering. In their 4-year courses, you will be taught the fundamentals in engineering in your first and second years, and you will be studying subjects that train you for your chosen discipline in your third and fourth years. They offer degrees in nine areas of specialisation and their Master’s programme is accredited by various professional institutions.

You could read more about the University of Cambridge’s engineering courses on their website or read more about the application process via UCAS here.

Our article Top UK Universities for Engineering has league tables and more.

Psychology - Recommended UK Universities

A notable mention, the University of Bath sits among top universities like Oxford and Cambridge (who rank number 1 and number 3, respectively). Bath ranks at number 5 in subject ranking for Psychology in the UK. The course is a 3-year program designed to equip you with everything you need to become a fully certified psychologist.

Coming in at number 3 is none other than London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London. LSE’s excellence in social science allows for this BSc programme to take a unique approach to psychology that emphasises interdisciplinary connections with, for example, economics, management, anthropology and policy.

If you prefer the hustle and bustle of the city, check out University College London and experience studying and making connections in this well-known metropolis, also a melting pot of cultures from different walks of life.

Our article Top UK Universities for Psychology goes into more detail about the subject.

Law - Recommended UK Universities

In 2023, Oxford University took over Cambridge University’s place as the no.1 university for Law in the UK. Oxford’s law programme enables students to critically analyse legal situations, and encourage you to confidently present and debate your interpretations. Nonetheless, The Oxford law and Cambridge law faculties are highly regarded across the legal profession. They both consistently rank as the top universities for law across academic league tables worldwide.

In 2020, University College London (UCL) ranked 3rd place in the UK for Law degrees. Being near the city area, students get to experience the hustle and bustle of a Londoner’s life as well as the rich culture and exciting social scene London has to offer. UCL also happens to be England’s 3rd oldest university.

The Scottish University of Glasgow ranked 5th for Law in the UK. Based in scenic Scotland, students get to experience a beautiful olden-style castle-like backdrop: The Glasgow University campus. Perfect if you’d like to experience the rich cultural experience the Scots have to offer.

For more information, check out our article Top UK Universities for Law.

Computer Science - Recommended UK Universities

The University of Cambridge is a great choice for any prospective software engineer as it ranks number one for Computer Science. In their 3-year course, you will be taught the fundamentals of computer science in your first year, while your second year is focused on application of theories and programming. Then, you will work on your thesis in your third year. They also offer a Master’s programme in computer science should you want to undertake advanced studies in computer science. 

Coming in at a close second place on some university league tables, the University of Oxford’s programme in Computer Science is an outstanding choice for computer science studies. Oxford offers four different Master’s programmes for computer science – Mathematics and Computer Science, which is a theoretical computer science degree; Information Engineering; Computer Science; and Computer Science and Philosophy, which is a focused study on artificial intelligence. 

Cambridge and Oxford are known to have extremely high requirements for applicants – typically a minimum of one A* will be required for most of their courses.

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Medicine - Recommended UK Universities

Scottish Universities are dominating the UK university medicine league table in 2021, with 4 prestigious institutions in the top 5. University of Glasgow and Dundee University are tied in the top 10 for the 2023 rankings. Experience a blend of quality education and historic northern culture when you study at one of these universities.

Holding the fort for England is the University Of Oxford, which ranks no.2 in the UK for medical degrees. Oxford is one of the top-ranking universities globally, and strict and difficult entry requirements ensure only the top students are accepted.

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UK University Reviews - Top Courses, Rankings and More

Are you doing research on the top UK universities for your application? Check out our video reviews on the top UK universities for each courses.

QS World Rankings

The QS Rankings is an annual ranking of the world’s universities. It is one of the most popular lists for comparing university performance. We’ll take a look at QS’s 2023/2024 rankings for UK universities for the following subjects:

  • Art and Humanities
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Life Sciences and Medicine

QS World University Rankings League Table - UK Art & Humanities Courses

Take a look at this league table of the world’s top Art and Humanities universities in the UK. Out of six metrics used by QS, we’ve included scores for three metrics with the highest weightage.

QS World University Rankings League Table - UK Engineering & Technology Courses

Take a look at this league table of the world’s top Engineering & Technology universities in the UK. Out of six metrics used by QS, we’ve included scores for three metrics with the highest weightage.

QS World University Rankings League Table - UK Life Sciences & Medicine Courses

Take a look at this league table of the world’s top Life Sciences and Medicine universities in the UK. Out of six metrics used by QS, we’ve included scores for three metrics with the highest weightage.

2023 UK University League Table and Rankings

The 2023 UK University League Table is compiled based on data on 130 universities and 74 subject areas, giving you a comprehensive view of how the universities performed. Sort the 2023 University League Table by the measures most important to you and compare universities to find the one that is right for you.

RankingInstitutionOverall ScoreEntry StandardsStudent SatisfactionResearch QualityGraduate Prospects
1University of Oxford100%96%n/a87%88%
2University of Cambridge99%99%n/a88%88%
3London School of Economics and Poli...96%92%77%88%90%
4University of St Andrews93%100%85%83%79%
5Imperial College London91%95%81%91%92%
6Durham University90%90%78%83%83%
7Loughborough University88%74%81%83%79%
8University of Bath87%85%80%83%86%
9UCL (University College London)86%90%77%87%85%
10University of Warwick84%80%80%86%83%
11Lancaster University84%72%79%84%76%
12The University of Edinburgh81%91%74%85%77%
13University of Southampton79%74%78%85%75%
14University of Birmingham77%76%73%86%77%
15University of Bristol77%80%76%88%79%
16University of Leeds77%76%76%84%78%
17University of Manchester76%79%74%87%78%
18University of Surrey76%68%80%82%80%
19University of Exeter75%77%76%84%75%
20University of York75%71%78%86%76%
21University of Liverpool74%69%78%83%73%
22King's College London, University o...74%79%75%86%82%
23University of Glasgow73%97%79%86%72%
24Queen's University Belfast72%71%77%82%81%
25University of Nottingham72%73%76%84%79%
26Cardiff University72%71%75%84%80%
27University of East Anglia UEA72%64%77%84%73%
28University of Sheffield71%71%78%85%74%
29=University of Leicester71%62%78%82%71%
29=Harper Adams University71%61%79%65%74%
31University of Reading70%62%75%81%75%
32University of Strathclyde70%99%79%82%77%
33Royal Holloway, University of Londo...69%61%77%83%68%
34Heriot-Watt University69%84%77%80%72%
35Queen Mary University of London68%69%76%85%73%
36Newcastle University68%71%73%82%74%
37University of Aberdeen68%89%80%76%72%
38University of the Arts London68%65%73%80%58%
39University of Essex67%53%75%81%65%
40City, University of London67%64%75%81%78%
41University of Sussex66%64%76%82%67%
42Swansea University65%63%79%80%72%
43Northumbria University, Newcastle65%64%75%76%71%
44Ulster University64%63%80%80%70%
45Oxford Brookes University64%59%75%72%74%
46SOAS University of London64%67%77%81%68%
47University of Kent64%59%78%82%65%
48Aston University, Birmingham63%63%76%76%76%
49University of Dundee63%86%77%81%74%
50University of Stirling63%81%79%78%66%
51University of Lincoln63%60%78%74%65%
52Keele University62%61%78%77%74%
53Aberystwyth University62%60%82%75%61%
54Norwich University of the Arts61%63%79%74%57%
55St George's, University of London61%69%71%81%95%
56Nottingham Trent University61%59%76%77%63%
57Coventry University60%58%79%73%68%
58University of Hull60%60%78%78%70%
59University of Huddersfield59%60%75%70%63%
60University of Chester59%59%77%63%66%
61Bristol, University of the West of ...59%59%78%74%73%
62Goldsmiths, University of London59%59%72%78%58%
63Bangor University58%58%78%81%62%
64=University of Plymouth58%63%78%75%71%
64=Edge Hill University58%61%77%67%63%
66Sheffield Hallam University58%57%75%73%72%
67Manchester Metropolitan University57%59%75%78%62%
68University of Hertfordshire57%54%78%76%68%
69University of Portsmouth57%57%76%75%65%
70Falmouth University57%61%78%79%53%
71Arts University Bournemouth56%71%77%66%53%
72=Bournemouth University56%55%72%69%71%
72=Cardiff Metropolitan University56%59%77%71%64%
74=University of Bradford55%62%77%71%69%
74=University for the Creative Arts55%62%77%77%50%
76University of Chichester55%62%81%60%59%
77University of West London55%56%81%67%61%
78=University of Roehampton54%50%77%78%57%
78=Kingston University54%58%77%72%66%
80Liverpool John Moores University54%63%76%70%63%
81=Brunel University London54%59%71%72%65%
81=University of Brighton54%56%72%76%71%
83=University of Sunderland53%59%80%69%56%
83=University of Greenwich53%58%77%72%68%
85=University of Salford53%59%75%75%68%
85=University of Worcester53%59%79%58%71%
87St Mary's University, Twickenham53%54%82%68%66%
88Glasgow Caledonian University53%81%78%74%74%
89=Birmingham City University53%58%78%67%68%
89=Liverpool Hope University52%56%76%63%57%
91=University of Derby52%59%79%63%63%
91=University of South Wales52%61%77%66%62%
93Queen Margaret University, Edinburg...52%77%79%65%65%
94Teesside University, Middlesbrough52%57%75%69%70%
95=Royal Agricultural University52%56%75%58%62%
95=Bath Spa University51%60%76%68%52%
97Edinburgh Napier University50%71%80%71%69%
98University of Northampton50%53%75%56%67%
99University of Central Lancashire50%60%76%70%63%
100University of Suffolk50%52%77%67%73%
101University of Gloucestershire49%57%78%61%61%
102Staffordshire University49%56%79%70%64%
103=Robert Gordon University49%73%80%63%70%
103=York St John University49%54%79%61%61%
105Canterbury Christ Church University49%52%75%68%67%
106Leeds Beckett University49%54%77%67%64%
107Buckinghamshire New University48%54%78%56%63%
108Abertay University48%72%79%67%64%
109University of Winchester47%55%75%63%61%
110De Montfort University47%52%73%67%62%
111University of Westminster, London46%55%75%75%54%
112Middlesex University46%52%76%70%56%
113Plymouth Marjon University46%57%82%62%59%
114Anglia Ruskin University45%52%78%70%69%
115University of Buckingham45%53%81%n/a83%
116London South Bank University44%51%75%70%65%
117Solent University (Southampton)44%55%77%54%57%
118=University of Cumbria42%57%76%58%66%
118=Bishop Grosseteste University42%49%77%48%67%
120University of Wales Trinity Saint D...42%66%79%62%55%
121University of Wolverhampton41%54%77%64%62%
122Newman University, Birmingham40%52%79%51%60%
123London Metropolitan University39%46%81%66%53%
124University of Bolton37%55%81%47%56%
125University of the West of Scotland37%67%75%62%66%
126University of East London33%51%77%65%55%
127Glyndwr University, Wrexham32%51%82%55%59%
128=University of Bedfordshire31%52%77%68%64%
128=Leeds Trinity University31%53%75%53%56%
130Ravensbourne University London30%53%71%55%60%

2022 UK University League Table and Rankings

Looking for the 2022 UK University League Table? Here are the university’s rankings for last year.

RankingInstitutionEntry StandardsStudent SatisfactionResearch QualityGraduate ProspectsOverall Score
1University of Oxford200n/a3.34901000
2University of Cambridge205n/a3.3390989
3London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London1773.983.3591966
4University of St Andrews2084.33.1380949
5Durham University1844.023.1485905
6Imperial College London1943.993.3695904
7Loughborough University1504.182.9583879
8UCL (University College London)1853.953.2285864
9University of Bath1684.063.1788855
10University of Warwick1624.053.2284850
11Lancaster University1444.043.1578836
12University of Exeter1574.033.0880807
13University of Edinburgh1863.863.1880803
14University of Southampton1524.033.1580802
15University of Manchester1653.953.1681801
16University of Glasgow1994.043.178789
17University of Bristol1643.973.1882781
18University of York1494.063.1780778
19University of Birmingham1523.923.0783772
20University of Leeds1573.973.1380766
21King's College London, University of London1663.843.2385764
22University of East Anglia UEA1334.053.1177754
23Heriot-Watt University1713.973.0678752
24University of Sheffield1504.053.1779747
25University of Essex1174.053.0571746
26University of Nottingham1473.943.0984745
27Cardiff University1443.943.2782743
28Harper Adams University1214.132.6670734
29Swansea University1324.083.0980733
30University of Dundee1794.13.0381732
31University of Strathclyde1984.023.0481729
32Royal Holloway, University of London1314.043.0971724
32University of Liverpool1404.033.0678724
34University of Surrey1383.952.9884723
34Queen's University Belfast1473.942.9983723
36University of Reading1243.963.0377715
37Newcastle University1443.963.0978707
38University of Leicester1303.962.9374705
39University of Stirling1634.052.9671700
40University of Aberdeen1824.062.9775694
41Queen Mary University of London1463.863.1879692
42University of Sussex1373.913.0171690
43Aston University, Birmingham1243.993.0580660
44Ulster University1274.062.9174654
45University of Lincoln1184.132.5470653
45University of Kent1254.012.9569653
45Nottingham Trent University1204.112.5968653
48Oxford Brookes University1153.952.6676647
49Northumbria University, Newcastle13842.7174646
50University of the Arts London1373.923.1257644
51Coventry University1154.082.6776641
52City, University of London1323.842.9575635
53SOAS University of London1473.922.8264634
53Keele University1234.052.8875634
55University of Huddersfield12142.6570633
56Bristol, University of the West of England1234.172.776629
57Aberystwyth University1184.292.8463626
58Arts University Bournemouth1444.222.357625
59Manchester Metropolitan University1284.042.7464624
60St George's, University of London1473.832.9989616
61Brunel University London1193.892.6774614
62Bangor University1194.092.9970613
62Cardiff Metropolitan University1244.08368613
64Robert Gordon University1494.182.3576611
65Edge Hill University1303.992.2269606
66Sheffield Hallam University1154.012.7675603
67Goldsmiths, University of London1243.722.960602
68Bournemouth University1113.982.7278601
69University of Plymouth1294.092.7475600
70University of Hull1234.052.772597
71University of Chichester1214.152.566596
72University of Chester1174.122.0866587
73University of Portsmouth1134.072.7569583
74Liverpool John Moores University1394.062.7966579
75Liverpool Hope University1154.112.2158571
75Glasgow Caledonian University1634.072.6772571
77University of Hertfordshire1044.042.6169570
78University for the Creative Arts1304.042.7253569
79University of Roehampton1024.022.8357566
79Edinburgh Napier University1444.092.5272566
81Norwich University of the Arts1284.072.6953562
82Birmingham City University1194.012.6470558
83University of Brighton1103.92.8475557
84Kingston University1164.022.769554
85University of Bradford1243.962.9573552
86University of Salford1264.022.5470549
87Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh1534.022.6568545
88University of Northampton10642.0967541
88University of Central Lancashire1234.012.5169541
90University of Worcester1144.142.0870538
91University of South Wales1154.082.5165531
92Teesside University, Middlesbrough1144.082.5874530
92University of Sunderland1174.022.1261530
92University of Derby1164.112.0765530
95University of Greenwich1153.982.3371528
96University of Gloucestershire1154.032.3862525
96University of West London1154.221.9266525
98Staffordshire University1154.142.264524
99Falmouth University1224.082.0459511
100University of Winchester1084.012.3262503
101De Montfort University1053.932.6768495
102University of Cumbria1204.032.1372493
103Middlesex University1043.942.5859490
104University of Wales Trinity Saint David1354.192.3953489
105University of the West of Scotland1334.062.3669485
106Buckinghamshire New University1044.12.1970484
106York St John University1074.142.0464484
106Bath Spa University1053.932.5260484
109Abertay University1404.232.1662483
110London South Bank University1063.992.5270481
111St Mary's University, Twickenham1044.091.9869477
112University of Westminster, London1183.982.7461473
113Leeds Beckett University1044.12.1667472
114University of Bolton1104.182.0459469
115Anglia Ruskin University1084.052.3773464
116Canterbury Christ Church University973.942.3868462
117London Metropolitan University954.092.4456456
118Plymouth Marjon University1154.1867452
119Solent University (Southampton)1094.121.6361451
120Royal Agricultural University1133.981.471450
121Bishop Grosseteste University1054.121.9668438
122Newman University, Birmingham1024.182.1360437
123University of Buckingham1214.1671430
124Leeds Trinity University1034.042.0164429
125University of Wolverhampton1054.022.3164423
126University of Suffolk1103.9674411
127University of East London9742.7156399
128Glyndwr University, Wrexham1024.142.1563394
129Ravensbourne University London1133.870353
130University of Bedfordshire1033.932.5266312

2021 UK University League Table and Rankings

Looking for the 2021 League Tables? Below is the 2021 UK University League Table and Rankings.

RankingUniversityEntry StandardsStudent SatisfactionResearch QualityGraduate Prospects
1University of Cambridge100%n/a83%87%
2University of Oxford97%n/a83%83%
3University of St Andrews100%87%78%80%
4London School of Economics and Political Sciences79%76%84%86%
5Imperial College London89%80%84%90%
6Loughborough University71%84%74%87%
7Durham University90%80%78%85%
8Lancaster University71%81%79%89%
9University of Bath82%82%79%87%
10UCL (University College London)82%79%80%84%
11University of Warwick77%82%81%83%
12University of Exeter77%81%77%86%
13University of Birmingham75%80%77%85%
14University of Bristol80%80%79%81%
15University of Edinburgh88%77%79%77%
16University of Leeds75%81%78%81%
17University of Manchester79%80%79%80%
18University of Southampton73%81%79%82%
19University of Glasgow94%80%77%85%
20University of Nottingham71%80%77%86%
21King's College London, University of London81%78%81%85%
22University of York72%83%79%82%
23Newcastle University72%80%77%86%
24Royal Holloway, University of London64%82%77%74%
25University of East Anglia UEA65%81%78%77%
26University of Aberdeen86%82%74%81%
27Queen's University Belfast71%79%75%82%
28University of Sheffield71%82%79%84%
29Heriot-Watt University79%80%76%79%
30Cardiff University72%80%82%82%
31University of Dundee84%83%76%81%
32Swansea University61%82%77%85%
33University of Liverpool67%81%77%85%
34University of Surrey70%80%74%81%
35University of Strathclyde94%80%76%80%
36Queen Mary University of London70%78%80%79%
37SOAS University of London74%79%70%70%
38University of Leicester63%80%73%75%
39University of Reading60%78%76%76%
40University of Sussex67%79%75%80%
41University of Essex51%82%76%74%
42Harper Adams University59%82%67%73%
43Aston University, Birmingham60%80%76%79%
44University for the Creative Arts63%83%68%73%
45University of Stirling77%80%74%78%
46Nottingham Trent University59%82%65%82%
47University of Kent62%80%74%78%
48Oxford Brookes University58%80%67%77%
49Arts University Bournemouth69%83%58%80%
50University of Lincoln57%81%63%82%
51University of the Arts London62%78%78%72%
52Northumbria University, Newcastle68%81%68%75%
53University of Huddersfield60%81%66%80%
54Coventry University58%82%67%81%
55Manchester Metropolitan University62%81%69%71%
56Keele University58%83%72%82%
57City, University of London65%80%74%73%
58Aberystwyth University58%86%71%78%
59St George's, University of London73%77%75%94%
60Ulster University61%83%73%71%
61University of Portsmouth54%81%69%85%
62Edge Hill University61%82%56%77%
63Liverpool Hope University55%82%55%84%
64University of Hull59%80%68%76%
65Bristol, University of the West of England57%84%67%76%
66Liverpool John Moores University68%81%70%75%
67Sheffield Hallam University55%82%69%74%
68Goldsmiths, University of London58%78%73%58%
69University of Bradford60%78%74%83%
70University of Central Lancashire59%81%63%77%
71University of Plymouth62%82%68%74%
72Robert Gordon University72%83%59%81%
73Bangor University58%83%75%67%
74University of Chichester57%83%63%65%
75Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh69%81%66%73%
76Staffordshire University55%82%55%81%
77Falmouth University59%81%51%77%
78Edinburgh Napier University69%79%63%73%
79Norwich University of the Arts61%82%67%61%
80University of West London55%84%48%74%
81University of Roehampton48%80%71%72%
82De Montfort University52%82%67%83%
83University of Hertfordshire51%81%65%80%
84Birmingham City University57%80%66%76%
85Brunel University London57%78%67%71%
86Bournemouth University55%79%68%68%
87Cardiff Metropolitan University60%82%75%66%
88Glasgow Caledonian University72%80%67%72%
89London South Bank University51%82%63%88%
90University of Greenwich58%81%58%70%
91University of Wales Trinity Saint David65%83%60%66%
92University of Salford60%80%63%73%
93Bath Spa University52%78%63%67%
94University of Chester55%82%52%70%
95Teesside University, Middlesbrough55%82%64%81%
96Abertay University68%84%54%73%
97University of Gloucestershire54%81%59%73%
98Middlesex University54%78%65%74%
99University of Derby56%81%52%76%
100Solent University (Southampton)58%82%41%70%
101Kingston University55%81%68%64%
102University of South Wales57%82%63%63%
103York St John University49%82%51%73%
104University of Worcester55%83%52%75%
105University of Winchester52%81%58%64%
106Bishop Grosseteste University51%80%49%73%
107St Mary's University, Twickenham52%81%50%72%
108University of Sunderland54%80%53%66%
109University of Northampton49%79%52%68%
110University of the West of Scotland60%81%59%80%
111University of Westminster, London56%79%68%70%
112University of Brighton55%80%71%67%
113Anglia Ruskin University ARU52%82%59%68%
114Royal Agricultural University57%82%35%63%
115University of Buckingham57%82%n/a82%
116University of East London51%80%68%65%
117University of Cumbria56%79%53%72%
118London Metropolitan University44%80%61%69%
119Leeds Beckett University50%81%54%63%
120Newman University, Birmingham52%82%53%64%
121University of Wolverhampton51%81%58%69%
122Leeds Trinity University48%79%50%68%
123University of Bedfordshire48%80%63%70%
124Buckinghamshire New University49%81%55%68%
125Canterbury Christ Church University50%80%60%64%
126Glyndwr University, Wrexham47%80%54%63%
127University of Bolton52%84%51%57%
128Plymouth Marjon University53%85%n/a64%
129University of Suffolk48%80%n/a64%
130Ravensbourne University London52%76%n/a69%

Source: Complete University Guide

Frequently Asked Questions About The UK University League Table 2022

The rankings are based on the National Student Survey and the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) which provides data for entry standards, student-staff ratios, spending on academic services, facilities spending, good honours degrees, graduate prospects, completion and international student enrolments. Also included are individual university reported data.

The first step is to look for popular and high-ranking Universities in the UK that offer courses you are interested in. Here are some things to consider when applying: Location, employability and graduate prospects, fees, entry requirements, as well subject ranking.

You can refer to our course finder page, where you can discover UK universities which rank high for specific degrees or courses.

Depending on the subject and university of choice, you need to apply before the stipulated deadlines. Refer to our UCAS deadline article for more information and specific deadlines for the upcoming intakes.

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