Understanding the UCAS Tariff Point Calculator

Are you looking for information about the UCAS Tariff Points? Here’s Britannia’s latest guide to understanding the UCAS Tariff Point Calculator where we go into detail about UCAS Tariff points and grade conversions.

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How Do You Calculate UCAS Tariff Points

Those applying with A Levels will notice that many universities will have both a grade requirement (ie. BBB) and a UCAS Tariff point requirement (80 points). These are in fact similar – the UCAS Tariff points are calculated based on your grades. Higher grades will give you more points. For A Levels, an A* is 56 points while a B is 40 points. 

As long as you reach the minimum points with your three highest-scoring subjects, you are eligible to apply for the course you desire. Some courses may stipulate a minimum grade requirement that you will have to meet even if you have exceeded the UCAS Tariff point requirement. In cases where you’re unsure about your eligibility, it’s best to contact the university directly to ask about their requirements.

You could calculate how many UCAS Tariff points you have using the official calculator here.

UCAS Tariff Points Grade Conversion Table

Here are some common UCAS Tariff Point requirements along with its rough grade conversion. Do note that some university courses require three A Level subjects in its entry requirements instead of the minimum of two subjects.


UCAS Tariff Points A Level Table

The following table shows how UCAS Tariff points convert to A Levels grades.


UCAS Tariff Points IB

The table below shows how IB grades convert to UCAS Tariff points.


UCAS Tariff Points for Malaysian Students

According to the UCAS guide for international qualifications, STPM results are acceptable at grades A to C in lieu of GCE A level on a subject for subject basis. This means that for any STPM subject graded between A-C, it is accepted as an equivalent for A Levels grade for grade, although this may depend on the subject.

Here’s an example of the grade conversion from STPM and UEC to A Levels from Oxford Brookes University:


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