Sevenoaks School Guide: Reviews, Ranking, Fees And More

In this guide, we explore Sevenoaks School, an independent boarding school which was awarded the rare accolade of ‘Exceptional’ for its students’ achievement by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). Learn about the programs offered, results, application deadline and more.

Sevenoaks School Guide
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Table of Contents

Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Co-educational
  • Age range: 11-18
  • Pupils: 1093
  • Boarders: 32%
  • Fees: £46,785
  • 2022 IB Results: 40.3 Points Average
  • 2023 GCSE Results: 86.1% 9-7


At Sevenoaks, there are international students from 45 countries around the world, adding so much diversity to the college! Students are able to learn about different cultures from each other. With Sevenoaks’ 600-year history, location and day student body ensure that the school remains firmly grounded in the local community.

Sevenoaks is known for exploring new ideas and for a global outlook that permeates the entire education experience. Furthermore, Sevenoaks was the highest performing co-educational independent school at I/GCSE in 2014, and topped the Department for Education’s KS4 performance tables in 2012, with the highest percentage of pupils achieving all subjects of the English Baccalaureate.

It was listed as the top independent school at A-level or equivalent in the Independent in 2012 and as the top co-educational independent secondary school (IB) in the Sunday Times Schools Guide 2011. Sevenoaks is truly an exceptional school.

Sevenoaks School Courses And Programmes

Rushing through subjects or taking exams early may lead students to underachieve as they are not fully prepared. Subjects are supposed to be explored and reflected upon. Therefore, Sevenoaks has built a balanced, wide-ranging curriculum with depth and an element of choice as they firmly favor enrichment over acceleration. 

IB Diploma

IB is more than a qualification, it provides a distinctive educational experience for Sevenoaks Students. IB provides the ability for teachers to converse with students in topics and questions that the students themselves are interested in. IB has proven to enable students to take on new ideas from across the disciplines throughout their lives. Moreover, for nearly 40 years the IB has helped Sevenoaks students earn places in the world’s top universities. This success rate shows that universities are well aware of the benefits provided by the IB and welcome our students’ applications wholeheartedly.

Middle School Diploma

Middle School Diploma is the future of education, where it takes account of intellectual, personal and emotional qualities. Sevenoaks believes what goes on in and out of school is both equally important as one influences the other in a very significant way. Sometimes, certain elements of school life can go unnoticed. This diploma invites students to experience these elements and also to develop personal qualities and attributes.

Sevenoaks School Application Deadline


1 August 2024Closing date to for 2025 applications
1 September 2024Deadline for submission of confirmation forms and candidate’s personal statement
October 2024Assessment Day at Sevenoaks
Mid October 2024International assessments
Late October – early November 2024Scholarship Assessments and references requested
1 December 2024Results

Sevenoaks School Ranking

Sevenoaks ranks 49th in our GCSE league table 2023, making it one of the top GCSE destinations in the UK.

Sevenoaks School 2022/23 Results

In 2022/23, Sevenoaks School’s students scored remarkably well at the IB and GCSE examinations. Sevenoaks students achieved an average of 40.3 points for IB in the year. In 2023, Sevenoaks’ students achieved 86.1% grade 9-7 (A*/A) in GCSEs.

Sevenoaks Fees For Boarding Students

Here are the fees breakdown for Sevenoaks School for the academic year of 2023/24.

Standard Fees:

  Per Term Per Annum
Day Pupil £9,709 £29,127
Boarder £15,595 £46,785

Pupils moving from the Middle School to the Upper School taking the IB pay a supplementary fee of £185 per term. This includes the cost of the IB examinations.

Direct Entry to Sixth Form

  Per Term Per Term
Day Pupil £11,026 £33,078
Boarder £16,919 £50,757

Sevenoaks School Entry Requirements

Entry at Year 7 (11+)

Admission is by competitive examination in Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning, a group interview, and a report from a candidate’s previous school.

For further inquiries, visit:

Entry at Year 9 (13+)

All candidates take an English and a Maths test, a Verbal Reasoning Test, and they take part in a 40-minute group interview. Reference from their school is required.

For further inquiries, visit:

Entry at Sixth Form

  • B1 and B2 (CEFR); ALTE level ⅔; or IELTS levels 4.5 to 6
  • Entrance tests in English, Maths (with additional 30 minutes for HL candidates)
  • A Critical Thinking Skills test
  • The fourth test is their choice in one of the Higher Level subjects.

*Overseas candidates who cannot take the tests at Sevenoaks are expected to arrange invigilation at their current school or their local British Council offices.

*Candidates who are not at a UK school or those whom English is a second language may wish to have an early indication of their suitability. Sevenoaks recommends (but do not require) a diagnostic assessment through UKiset. Scores from this test are forwarded to Sevenoaks if the candidate chooses Sevenoaks as one of the preferred choices of the candidate. The admission team at Sevenoaks will then give feedback on the suitability of the candidate.

For further inquiries, visit:

Sevenoaks School Reviews

ISI Report 2013

The pupils’ achievement and learning are exceptional.

Nick B. from the United Nations Development Programme

Sevenoaks School turns out people with boundless potential to meet great and diverse challenges that are not all about accumulating wealth and status.

Millie, Year 11

There’s always somewhere to go and someone to listen to you. Whether it’s a teacher or a nurse in the Health Centre, someone is always willing to give up their time no matter how big or small the issue.


There is a strong Tutor system. Pupils meet daily in small groups with their Tutor who acts as a mentor. Pupils are encouraged to speak freely if they have any concerns thus alleviating any worries they may have.


The people at Sevenoaks are great and I’ve learned a lot while studying here. Not just in terms of academics either, I’ve learned a lot from my friends and teachers too.. It’s always easy to talk to teachers when we have any questions. Pupils here can freely speak their mind which I think is important as it teaches us to be assertive.


My kids are very happy at Sevenoaks. My eldest has been here for two years and is thriving! I can’t thank the teachers enough, they know every child well and are always looking out for them.

Sevenoaks School Accommodation

Pastoral care is at the heart of Sevenoaks School. Despite being a community of over 1000 pupils and over 300 staff, Sevenoaks School ensures every student is taken care of emotionally, mentally and physically by enforcing a tutor system.

What does the tutor system do? Tutor groups – a small group of students, meet every morning and spend time conversing with each other about their daily lives such as current affairs, PSHE issues or even just chatting with the tutors! Most importantly, this is for tutors who are specialists for that age group, to see individual pupils regularly, discussing their academic progress and any problems (both in and out of the classroom) that the pupils might have. This system is too, a great way for pupils to release thoughts that might have been on their minds, allowing them to express and receive advice from their mentors that could encourage or help them overcome these issues.

Pastoral care is not limited to the tutor group meeting in the morning, but tutors and Divisional Heads are available to pupils at other times to talk and offer advice. Sixth form students who have volunteered to be trained as Peer Mentors act as a friendly sibling, offering support for day-to-day worries such as friendships or work issues. Furthermore, a Health Centre is open every school day with nurses to help deal with illness and injuries but also listen to pupils they need someone to talk to privately or confidentially. There is a School Counsellor who can be contacted for an appointment. The Pastoral Deputy Head is also someone that pupils can turn to for help. In our experience pupils also share problems with their friends and are incredibly supportive of each other.

After both the full inspection report and the boarding inspection report, Sevenoaks School is repeatedly emphasized about the exceptionally happy atmosphere amongst the pupil body! Sevenoaks is truly a place with values of compassion, open-mindedness, and trust.

Sevenoaks School aims to provide its pupils with a happy and secure learning environment. Students should have a great environment to not only live in but to study in too. The homes are built to help mature students into young adults with a sense of responsibility, full of self-esteem, and a deeply held academic rigor. Our many boarding staff is genuinely conscientious, committed, caring and approachable. Furthermore, parents are free to contact the House Staff at any time about any matter.

There are five boarding houses available:

For boys:

  1. School House
  2. Johnsons
  3. Aisher House

For girls:

  1. Sennocke
  2. Park Grange

Sixth form boys:
The International Centre

Sixth form girls:
Girls’ International House

At the boarding houses, a full program of sporting, cultural and social activities run every weekend. Families can also join the fun! This also helps strengthen the friendship bonds between students.

Sevenoaks School Student Services And Extra-Curricular Activities

There is a huge variety of activities at Sevenoaks School.

The curriculum is diverse, catering to students with all types of interests and skills. The activities range from outdoor sports to theatre, bringing out the best of the pupils’ hobbies.

However, what’s the point of providing so many activities if there aren’t any facilities catered for it right? Well, Sevenoaks has superb facilities including The Space for performing arts and the Sennocke Centre for sports, both of which have recently been constructed. Since Sevenoaks School is close to London, some of the most talented pupils of Sevenoaks are able to go up to the London Music Academies and groups regularly go on concert and theatre trips or visit galleries there. This gives students a taste of the industry they’re interested in.

Students taught to appreciate the importance of helping both the local and international community by taking part in Service activities which are compulsory for all Sevenoaks students, enabling them to develop a strong sense of responsibility. 

Activities provided:

  • Sports
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Service and Social Impact
  • Visual Arts
  • ..and many more!

Sevenoaks School Contact Information

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