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University Preparation Summer 2021 Course

oic University Preparation Summer Course 2021

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This is an exciting online summer enrichment programme, which includes personal statement building, interview preparation, advanced science, admissions test skills, guest speakers etc.

It allows students to strategically plan their university application and gain an advantage over others by boosting their personal profile and becoming much more well-rounded – something the top universities will be looking for more evidence of in the coming years.

By the end of this course, students will have all they need to possible.​

How Is The Course Conducted?

The course is conducted entirely online. Choose from 3 options:

The focus will be on 5 key elements:

Space Design Challenge

For aspiring doctors, architects, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs

In addition, we also partner with Imperial College for an Online Global Space Design Challenge to learn design, presentations and communication skills in industry. This is a fun and challenging practical course. You design a space settlement in a team. Students will look at plans and designs to build the settlement structure, as well as plan out the communications, entertainment, food construction and costing for a settlement in space! 

Optional Add-on

Digital Internships For The Modern World

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Oxford International College has collaborated with the top, London-based company ‘InvestIn’ to offer digital online internships as an optional add on (3 extra days) so students can have a taste of their dream career before starting their university journey. The internships are normally held in early August over a weekend.

The program offers an exciting range of all the top modern career options:

  • The Young Architect Summer Internship
  • The Young Computer Scientist Summer Internship
  • The Young Doctor Summer Internship
  • The Young Engineer Summer Internship
  • The Young Entrepreneur Summer Internship
  • The Young Filmmaker Summer Internship
  • The Young Investment Banker Summer Internship
  • The Young Lawyer Summer Internship
  • The Young Political Leader Summer Internship
  • The Young Psychologist Summer Internship

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