Top UK Boarding School Map – 2024 Rankings and League Table

Looking for a UK boarding school by location? The map below shows the location of the top 100 UK boarding schools. We have grouped these boarding schools based on their latest published GCSE results.

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UK Boarding School Map

Here you can find the map of the top 100 UK boarding schools.

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Top 100 UK Boarding Schools In The UK

Looking for the top boarding schools in the UK? Here’s a list of the top 100 UK boarding schools based on their latest published GCSE results.

RankingSchoolGenderLatest Results FromGCSE (% 9-7)% Other Grades
1Oxford International College OICCo-ed2020100
2Wycombe AbbeyGirls202199
3Westminster SchoolBoys201998.6
4St Mary's School AscotGirls202098
5Cheltenham Ladies' CollegeGirls202196.1
6Brighton CollegeCo-ed202096
7Eton CollegeBoys201896
8Tonbridge SchoolBoys202196
9St Paul's SchoolBoys201994
10Sevenoaks SchoolCo-ed202193.8
11Winchester CollegeBoys202093.1
12Concord CollegeCo-ed202193
13Whitgift SchoolBoys202193
14Abingdon SchoolBoys202191.1
15St Catherine's, BramleyGirls202091
16Dulwich CollegeBoys202091
17Cardiff Sixth Form CollegeCo-ed202190.3
18Downe House SchoolGirls202090.3
19St Swithun's SchoolGirls202189.5
20Roedean SchoolGirls202089
21Stephen Perse FoundationCo-ed202187
22Rugby SchoolCo-ed202086
23Headington SchoolGirls202085.3
24Badminton SchoolGirls202085.1
25Queen Ethelburga's CollegeCo-ed202185
26St Mary's CalneGirls202085
27Uppingham SchoolCo-ed202185
29Epsom CollegeCo-ed201983
30Wellington CollegeCo-ed201983
31The Leys SchoolCo-ed202183
32Benenden SchoolGirls202082.05
33Warwick SchoolBoys202082
34Radley CollegeBoys201982
35Burgess Hill GirlsGirls202082
36City of London Freemen's SchoolCo-ed202181
37Woldingham SchoolGirls202081
38The Maynard SchoolGirls202081
39Fettes CollegeCo-ed202181
41St Michael SchoolCo-ed202178.2
42Norwich SchoolCo-ed202077.05
43Kingswood SchoolCo-ed202177
44The Royal Masonic School for Girls (RMS for Girls)Girls202177
45Ruthin SchoolCo-ed202076
46Marlborough CollegeCo-ed201976
47St Peter's School, YorkCo-ed202175.7
48Monmouth School for BoysBoys202175.6
49Queen Anne's SchoolGirls202075
50Westbourne School, PenarthCo-ed202075
51Stonyhurst CollegeCo-ed202175
52Tudor Hall SchoolGirls202175
53Harrow SchoolBoys202175% 9-8
54Haberdashers' Monmouth School for GirlsGirls202174.7
55Berkhamsted SchoolCo-ed202174.4
56Sherborne GirlsGirls202074.2
57Malvern St JamesGirls202174
58Hereford Cathedral SchoolCo-ed202174
59New Hall SchoolCo-ed202073
60St Francis' CollegeGirls*202173
61Shrewsbury SchoolCo-ed202072
62Ipswich SchoolCo-ed202171.2
63Monkton Combe SchoolCo-ed202171
64Mayfield SchoolGirls202071
65Bedford SchoolBoys202071
66Cheltenham CollegeCo-ed202171
67Repton SchoolCo-ed202070.5
68Dauntsey's SchoolCo-ed202070.31
69St George's AscotGirls202070
70Clifton CollegeCo-ed202070
71Christ's Hospital SchoolCo-ed202170
72Bromsgrove SchoolCo-ed202170
73Oundle SchoolCo-ed202170% 9-8
74The King's School, CanterburyCo-ed201969.8
75Brentwood SchoolCo-ed202069.2
77Woodbridge SchoolCo-ed202169
78Rydal Penrhos SchoolCo-ed202168.7
79Canford SchoolCo-ed201968.4
80Ampleforth CollegeCo-ed202168
81Queenswood SchoolGirls202167.2
82Bruton School for GirlsGirls202167
83Lancing CollegeCo-ed202067
84Truro SchoolCo-ed202067
85Truro High School for GirlsGirls202167
86Queen Margaret's SchoolGirls202167
87Loughborough Grammar SchoolBoys202066.67
88Bradfield CollegeCo-ed202066.67
89Leweston SchoolCo-ed202066
90St Mary's School, CambridgeGirls202066
91The Godolphin SchoolGirls202065.4
92Abbey College CambridgeCo-ed202165
93King's School ElyCo-ed202165
94Oakham SchoolCo-ed202165
95Eastbourne CollegeCo-ed202064
96Moreton Hall SchoolGirls202063.4
97Kent College PemburyGirls201963
98Harrogate Ladies' CollegeGirls202162
99Leighton Park SchoolCo-ed202061
100King's College, TauntonCo-ed202059

^ Scottish National Grade A-C, equivalent to GCSE 9-4
* St. Francis College admits boys in their kindergarten

Notes about the league table:

The information published above is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of the publication. Our league table does not include day schools and public schools. For more information about other schools, please contact us through the button below.

Due to the Coronavirus affecting the GCSE examinations in 2020-2021, students were graded using Teacher-Assessed Grades. The Government has announced that it will not publish any school performance data based on tests, assessments or exams (such as GCSEs and A Levels) for 2020-2021.

As a result, many schools have opted to not publish their 2020-2021 results and annual league tables have not been able to publish this year. We’ve put together our own league table using data obtained directly from the schools or from the schools’ websites for all the top 100 schools on our list. This is the reason why our league table is one of few available between 2020-2022.

This information is for reference only – for more information about studying in the UK, do send Britannia StudyLink an enquiry for a free consultation. One of our educational consultants will be in touch with you shortly.

How are the rankings measured?

The results shown here are the latest published GCSE results of the top 100 boarding schools. This data has been obtained from all the schools, either directly from the schools or as published on their websites. The fourth column, “Latest Results From”, shows the year in which the results on display were published.

The rankings are based on the percentage of A*-A or Grade 9-7 results obtained. The higher the percentage of Grades 9-7 achieved, the higher the school’s rank. However, some schools have chosen to publish other grades, such as their Grade 9-8 results. We have included these results in our league table, in the right-most column.

Top Boarding Schools in Greater London

Looking for boarding schools located in the Greater London area? Here’s a list of the top 100-ranked boarding schools located in the area.

RankSchoolTypeLatest Result FromGCSE (% 9-7)% Other Grades
3Westminster SchoolBoys201998.6
9St Paul's SchoolBoys201994
13Whitgift SchoolBoys202193
16Dulwich CollegeBoys202091
53Harrow SchoolBoys202175% 9-8
64Mayfield SchoolGirls202071

Greater London Boarding Schools Map

A map of the top 100 boarding schools in Greater London.

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