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top uk universities for sports science

Here’s our guide on the top UK universities for Sports Science with university rankings and a league table. We have curated a list of high-ranking universities which offer affordable, globally-recognized qualifications for Sports Science.

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UK University League Table for Sports Science (Updated 2025)

The University League Table for Sports Science below displays the top-ranking universities for studying Sports Science in the UK. We’ve compiled a list of universities you should look out for, based on UK and global rankings, as well as entry requirements.

What do you Study in Sports Science?

Studying a sports science degree involves exploring various disciplines related to physical health, sports, and exercise. This multidisciplinary field often includes:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology: Understanding the human body and how it functions during physical activity.

  2. Biomechanics: Examining the mechanics of movement, including forces and their effects on the human body.

  3. Psychology: Learning about the psychological aspects affecting athletes, such as motivation, performance anxiety, and the mental benefits of exercise.

  4. Nutrition and Dietetics: Studying the role of diet and nutrition in enhancing athletic performance and maintaining overall health.

  5. Exercise Physiology: Investigating how exercise affects the body, including acute responses and long-term adaptations to physical activity.

  6. Sports Coaching and Physical Education: Learning about coaching methods, training principles, and educational strategies for different age groups and skill levels.

  7. Sports Management and Administration: Understanding the business and administrative aspects of sports organizations and events.

  8. Health and Fitness Training: Focusing on designing and implementing exercise and fitness programs for various populations.

  9. Research Methods and Statistics: Learning how to conduct research in sports science, including study design and data analysis.

  10. Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention: Studying methods to prevent and treat sports-related injuries.

Courses may involve a combination of lectures, practical sessions, and independent research projects. Graduates can pursue careers in areas like sports coaching, fitness training, sports therapy, sports administration, or further academic research.

Careers for Sports Science Graduates

What can you do with a degree in Sports Science? Many graduates find employment in roles such as:

  • Coach
  • Fitness centre manager
  • PE Teacher
  • Personal trainer
  • Physical therapist
  • Purchasing manager
  • Sports therapist
  • Talent Management

Top Sports Science Schools In The UK

The top university for sports science degrees in 2025 is Loughborough University. Loughborough University is highly esteemed for sports science degrees due to its comprehensive blend of world-class facilities, strong industry links, and a tradition of research excellence. Its state-of-the-art laboratories and athletic facilities offer students practical, real-world experience. The university maintains robust connections with sports organizations, enhancing its curriculum with practical insights and providing students with valuable job opportunities. Loughborough’s cutting-edge research and comprehensive curriculum across various sports science disciplines contribute to its graduates’ high employability. Additionally, the university’s notable sporting tradition and achievements in elite sport offer unique insights and experiences to students.

Another notable mention is the University of Glasgow, which is the third best university in the UK for Bachelor’s programmes in Sports Science. Nestled in a city known for its rich sporting culture, the university offers students a blend of traditional charm and modern educational facilities. The University not only provides a solid academic foundation in sports science but also immerses students in a stimulating environment that celebrates both historical heritage and contemporary innovation. You can read more about the University of Glasgow’s Sports Science course on their website here or read more about the application process via UCAS here.

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Recommended Sports Science Schools In The UK

The University of Surrey is an excellent choice for those interested in studying Sports Science. Surrey is ranked 19th in the UK. It offers four programmes in Sports Science with the option for a Foundation Year entry. The TEF-Gold rated university is known for its quality of education and diversity in its student body, with around 35% non-UK students.

Coventry University is an excellent choice for Sports Science, offering five programmes on the subject. Annual tuition fees for international students start from £18,300. Coventry has a diverse student body with over 13,000 EU and international students. The university’s Sports Science programmes have a good reputation for graduate prospects.

Liverpool John Moores University is ranked 20th in the UK for Sports Science and it offers fourteen programmes in Sports Science. There are many choices of Sports Science degrees at Liverpool John Moores, such as Sports Business, Football, Sports Nutrition, and more. Tuition fees start from £23,800 per annum for international students and minimum entry requirements are BBB.

Ranked 8th place in the UK for Sports Science courses is the University of Aberdeen, a university ranked among the top 35 in the UK. Aberdeen offers five courses in Sports Science. Those with a keen interest in sports science have the option of degrees in Exercise and Health Science, Sports and Exercise Science, and Applied Sports Science at Aberdeen.

How To Apply To Study Sports Science In The UK?

Step 1: Choose A University

The first step is to look for popular and high-ranking Universities in the UK that offer courses you are interested in. Refer to the table above to start your search. Here are some things to consider when applying:

  • Location
  • Employability/Graduate prospects
  • Fees
  • Entry requirements
  • University Ranking

Step 2: Preparations

Once you have narrowed down the search to your top five universities, the first step is to prepare necessary documents and forms. This includes school leaving certificates, exam results, the UCAS application form and a written Personal Statement, among other documents that may be required.

Step 3: Submit UCAS Application

The application process for UK universities differs from local universities as applications go through an organisation known as UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. UCAS handles all admission applications to UK universities, including those submitted by international candidates like you.

To ensure a better chance of getting accepted, it is important that you prepare all the necessary documents and fill out all forms correctly. We also recommend that you apply for multiple universities simultaneously to ensure that you get your preferred offers. Read our full guide on UCAS here

More about UCAS

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UK Sports Science School Entry Requirements

Here are some of the common entry requirements and tests a student has to pass before being accepted at a UK university to study Sports Science.

  1. English Language Test requirement – such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  2. Criminal records declaration (DBS/Disclosure Scotland for Scottish Universities)
  3. Health checks.
  4. Entrance interviews.
  5. Personal statement. This is a supporting document and part of your application to a UK university. Usually, you will write about what you hope to achieve by studying at the course, what you plan to do after graduating and why you are applying for this specific university.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Science Courses In The UK

You will learn about the biomechanics of movement, physiology of the body in response to exercise, and sports psychology among many other related subjects.

The top university for Sports Science in the UK is Loughborough University, according to 2025 rankings.

The common entry requirements for studying Sports Science in the UK include English language tests, criminal record declarations, health checks, entrance interviews and submission of a personal statement.

The tuition fees for Sports Science degrees in the UK range between £16,000 to £28,000 per annum for international students, depending on the university. The ranking and location of a university might also affect tuition fee costs.

The UCAS deadline for Sports Science programmes is 15 January in the year of admission.

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