UK University Entry Requirements

UK universities have entry requirements that may vary from course to course. Our article will take you through UK University Entry Requirements.

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How do entry requirements for UK universities work?

UK universities accept a wide range of qualifications. As a result, it may be confusing at first when you’re trying to determine which entry requirements are relevant to your qualifications. Additionally, each university is able to set its own entry requirements for courses so entry requirements may vary greatly.

Those applying with A Levels will notice that many universities will have both a grade requirement (ie. BBB) and a UCAS Tariff point requirement (80 points). These are in fact similar – the UCAS Tariff points are calculated based on your grades. Higher grades will give you more points. For A Levels, an A* is 56 points while a B is 40 points. You can calculate your UCAS Tariff points here.

As long as you reach the minimum points with your three highest-scoring subjects, you are eligible to apply for the course you desire. Some courses may stipulate a minimum grade requirement that you will have to meet even if you have exceeded the UCAS Tariff point requirement. In cases where you’re unsure about your eligibility, it’s best to contact the university directly to ask about their requirements.

UK universities also accept a number of international qualifications. Those applying for entry into UK universities with other qualifications such as the Gaokao, IB, Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education and so on may calculate their points using the UCAS Tariff point calculator.

UK University Entry Requirements for International Students

UK University Entry Requirements

What many may not realise about entry requirements for UK universities is that entry requirements do not only vary between universities, requirements also vary greatly within a university from course to course. However, there are some requirements that are still universal for entry into most UK undergraduate courses:

  • At least two A Levels subjects (for some courses, 3 subjects are required)
  • English Language Test requirement (ie. IELTS or TOEFL)
  • Criminal records declaration (DBS/Disclosure Scotland for Scottish Universities)
  • Health checks (for selected courses)
  • Entrance interview
  • UCAS Personal statement

These requirements would be the same for all international students who are from countries where English is not the first language. Students from some countries may be exempt from taking the English language proficiency test.

UK University Entry Requirements for Malaysian Students

According to the UCAS guide for international qualifications, STPM results are acceptable at grades A to C in lieu of GCE A level on a subject for subject basis. This means that for any STPM subject graded between A-C, it is accepted as an equivalent for A Levels grade for grade, although this may depend on the subject.

Here’s an example of the grade conversion from STPM and UEC to A Levels from Oxford Brookes University:

stpm a levels grade conversion

Lowest Entry Requirements for Medicine in UK Universities

The lowest entry requirements for Medical programmes is AAB at A Levels. However, it may be difficult to get an offer with AAB as it is a highly competitive subject. Most universities will only accept students with AAA or higher, with some universities requiring a minimum of A*AA.

Lowest Entry Requirements for Veterinary Medicine in UK Universities

The lowest entry requirements for Veterinary programmes is AAB at A Levels. Entry into veterinary programmes is highly competitive. As a result, most universities will only admit students with AAA or higher.

Lowest Entry Requirements for Law in UK Universities

The lowest entry requirements for Law programmes in the UK is 96 points from a minimum of 2 subjects. Some universities will not accept General Studies and Critical Thinking as part of the UCAS Tariff points requirement.

Lowest Entry Requirements for Psychology in UK Universities

The lowest entry requirements for Psychology programmes is 96 points. The lowest grade requirement is BCC. Some programmes may have additional requirements for the English language.

Lowest Entry Requirements for Chemical Engineering in UK Universities

The lowest entry requirements for Chemical Engineering programmes is 96 points. Some programmes may have the additional requirement of a B-C in Mathematics and Chemistry.

Frequently Asked Questions

The UCAS Tariff points are calculated based on your grades. Higher grades will give you more points.

Entry requirements for international students are as follows: Two A Levels subjects, English Language Test requirement , Criminal records declaration, Health checks, entrance interview and the UCAS Personal statement.

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