Uppingham School Guide: Reviews Rankings, Fees and More

Uppingham School is an elite, independent co-educational boarding school founded in 1584. Over 793 pupils are currently enrolled at Uppingham, 98% of which are boarders. In this guide, we cover the essentials of Uppingham School, from fees, results and rankings to student reviews and more.

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Uppingham School Guide

Table of Contents

Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Co-educational
  • Age range: 13-18
  • Pupils: 793
  • Boarders: 98%
  • Fees: £15,174 per term
  • 2023 A Level Results: 50% A*-A, >80% A*-B
  • 2022 GCSE Results: 75% 9-7 (2023 result was not released)

Uppingham School Overview

The philosophy of Uppingham is focused on bringing out the best of the intellectual and creative potential of each pupil through a strong balance of academic curriculum and co-curricular activities.

The historic background and highly rich culture of academic curriculum and co-curricular activities, particularly in the fields of music and sports, has established Uppingham as one of the most prominent schools in the UK.

The school campus is significant to the vibrant market town of Uppingham in Rutland United Kingdom. The campus is an architectural balance and contrast of tradition and modernity, featuring a main quadrangle bordered by the chapel, the Victorian architecture of School House, the School Tower and Colonnade. The £40m campus was short-listed for the prestigious Stirling Award for architecture.

Uppingham School Courses & Programmes

All pupils at Uppingham take the traditional GCSE to A-Level and Pre-U course of education. The courses/programs at Uppingham is divided into the following:

  • Fourth Form
  • Lower Fifth Form (GCSE)
  • Upper Fifth Form (GCSE)
  • Sixth Form (A-Level and Pre-U)

Uppingham School Ranking

The public examination results for Uppingham show a steady state of improvement from 2015 to 2019. In 2023, 50% of pupils achieved A*A and more than 80% of pupils achieved A*B.

Uppingham School 2023 Results

In 2023, Uppingham School’s students managed to achieve the following results at standardised A-Levels and GCSE exams.

  • 2023 A Level Results: 50% A*-A, >80% A*-B
  • 2022 GCSE Results: 75% 9-7 (2023 results not publicly available)

Comparing its results to some achieved in the past, we can see that Uppingham School has improved in terms of its percentage of A*/As achieved at exams. In 2019, the school achieved 45.0% A*/As at the A Levels and 69.4% 9-7 at the GCSEs. This marks a 19% increase in A*/As at the A Levels and around a 5% increase in 9-7s at the GCSEs compared to its 2022 results.

Uppingham School Fees

For the academic year 2023-2024 at Uppingham School, the fee structure is as follows:

  • Registration Fee: £200 (non-refundable, payable on registration)
  • Acceptance Deposit: £1,500 (payable for each pupil on acceptance of a place)
  • Overseas Deposit: £15,174 (for pupils resident outside the UK)
  • Boarding Fee per Term: £15,174
  • Day Pupil Fee in a Boarding House per Term: £9,858
  • Day Pupil Fee in The Day House (from September 2024) per Term: £9,790

Extra Charges for Music Lessons (40 minutes) per Term:

  • First subject or instrument: £506
  • Subsequent subjects or instruments: £415
  • Instrument Hire and Maintenance: £37

For more details, please visit the Uppingham School’s fee page here.

Uppingham School Entry Requirements and Application Deadline

Uppingham typically welcomes 200 new pupils each year.

Admission to Uppingham begins by accomplishing the registration form and paying the registration fee of £200 online. Registration must be supported by a copy of a child’s birth certificate and an updated reference from the current school.

Candidates must sit a number of pre-tests for entry at 13+ and 16+ explained below.

Year 7: Pre-tests

Applying for a place at Uppingham in Year 7 starts with pre-tests in the September of Year 7. The pre-tests comprise a 45-minute English exam with short comprehension and a piece of extended writing and a 60-minute online reasoning assessment with verbal, non-verbal, and mathematical skills. Candidates complete a 15-minute interview with a member of the staff.

Year 7: Pre-tests Overseas

Applying for a place at Uppingham overseas takes place via skype or zoom. Candidates complete a UKiset test, an English test, an interview prepared by Uppingham. The examinations can be taken in approved centres such as the British Council examination centres, a notary’s office, certain approved independent educations centres or the candidates’ own school.

Year 8: Common Entrance, Non-Common Entrance, and Scholarships

Applying for a place at Uppingham in Year 8 requires candidates to take the common entrance or Uppingham’s non-common entrance by individual arrangement in February or March prior to entry in September. The tests comprise two tests in Maths (40 minutes) and English (60 minutes). The non-common entrance is accompanied by an interview with the Deputy Head Academic (or may be arranged to be taken overseas). Candidates may take the scholarship examinations prepared by Uppingham.

Tests for Entry at 16+

Applying for a place at Uppingham for entry at 16+ follow the Sixth Form ‘test and interview’ process or take the Sixth Form Scholarship Examinations. The ‘test and interview’ process involves three tests: Mathematics (30 minutes, calculator permitted), English (45 minutes, essay based), and a chosen subject paper (45 minutes from Biology, Chemistry, Economics, French, German, Geography, History, Latin, Mandarin, Music, Physics, RS and Spanish, Art may be offered via a portfolio). Candidates are invited for two interviews one house-based (with a housemaster or housemistress) and one school-based (with a senior member of staff). The interview is set-up to determine the candidate’s enthusiasm for boarding and suitability for A-Levels at Uppingham.

Offering of Places

The Headmaster offers places to successful candidates after the assessment process has concluded. Parents are requested to complete an acceptance form and an entrance deposit equivalent to £1500 for candidates who live in the UK and equivalent to term’s fees for candidates who live outside of the UK. Parents are asked to provide a copy of the pupil’s passport to help identify those who might require additional visas to attend the school. The acceptance form confirms that Uppingham is their first choice of school and the entrance deposit guarantees a place at the school.

Uppingham School Reviews

Strong all-rounder school. I have two children who successfully and happily completed five years here with excellent results.
I had very good teachers at Uppingham. I got the highest marks for a few subjects and it is all thanks to the teachers’ guidance.
Elias M.
I’ve sent two of my children to board here and I’m happy to see that they both enjoy being at Uppingham. I was particularly impressed by their sports facilities, although I’ve also heard a lot of good about their theatre programs. I have no doubts about sending my children to Uppingham!
We always go and see each other’s concerts, house plays or exhibitions; it’s just what you do here. Most of us here are boarders so we’re a pretty tight-knit group. At Uppingham, there’s an atmosphere of mutual respect and support in every aspect of life which is brilliant. It’s made the school a place where I feel like I belong and I’m glad to be here.
Lisa B.
My daughter is at Uppingham and she’s recently found theatre to be a passion of hers. I’m really happy to hear that Uppingham isn’t all about academics. Students are well supported when it comes to exploring their interests here. I’m glad that she’s found her place in Uppingham and is happy here.
My daughter is at Uppingham and she’s recently found theatre to be a passion of hers. I’m really happy to hear that Uppingham isn’t all about academics. Students are well supported when it comes to exploring their interests here. I’m glad that she’s found her place in Uppingham and is happy here.

Uppingham School Accommodation

The houses are family-oriented and are central to life at Uppingham. The goal of Uppingham is to transform houses to become a place for pupils to learn and develop values and skills that they will carry beyond school life.

At Uppingham, there are 15 houses – nine houses for boys aged 13 to 18, five houses for girls aged 13 to 18, and one house exclusively for girls who join Uppingham in the Sixth Form. Each house is headed by a housemaster or housemistress, supported by matrons, house staff, tutors, and role models that care for pupils. The distinguishing feature of pastoral care at Uppingham is that the whole house family eats together every mealtime.

At Uppingham, a culture of healthy competition between houses is encouraged and celebrated through inter-house competitions in academics, debates, music, and sports. The experience is dedicated to shaping individuality and building friendships for each pupil to become well-rounded members of the society.

Uppingham School Extra-Curricular Activities

Uppingham offers an opportunity for students to join academic clubs and co-curricular activities in the fields of Art, Design and Technology, Theatre and Drama, Music, Sports, and Social Activities and Trips under the Enrichment Programme.

Professional artists and designers lead the Art, Design and Technology activities at Uppingham for students to explore their creative potential. Uppingham has created the Leonardo Centre dedicated for exceptional teaching spaces, professional-standard studio areas and fully equipped design technology workshops available for pupils seven days a week. Resources available include 3D printing, CAD design and laser cutting technology, ceramics and sculpture studios, photography, sound and video engineering studios, fashion and textile studios, and special resistant-materials workshops.

A stunning 300-seat proscenium arch theatre and a 160-seat black box drama studio is built for the theatrical productions at Uppingham. Pupils are encouraged to explore their knowledge and skills as performers, directors, lighting technicians, sound engineers, front-of-house hosts or any role involved in producing plays and musicals. The professional standard of shows at Uppingham plays a significant role for the cultural life of both the pupils and the wider community.

Music masterclasses and workshops are important at Uppingham. Pupils are encouraged to explore music from classical to jazz, from polyphony to hip hop as part of orchestras, bands, ensembles and choirs. Pupils have access to three music schools, equipped with state-of-the-art music technology and professional quality performance spaces.

Skilled coaches at Uppingham are dedicated to helping all pupils improve their physical health through recreational and competitive sports such as football, rugby, cricket, netball, hockey, athletics, swimming, tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, rounders, dance, and squash. Pupils are encouraged to be involved in regular exercise and elite performers are enlisted in focused training programmes at the Uppingham School Sports  Centre or any of the many playing fields, Astroturf pitches and tennis courts spread across 65-acres, six-court sports halls, a six-lane 25-metre swimming pool, gym, squash courts, two dance studios and a 53-station fitness suite.

The Enrichment Programme at Uppingham involves a rich selection of activities such as academic, arts, music, and sports clubs, volunteering and fundraising initiatives through the ‘Make A Difference’ or MAD Programme, and the Combined Cadet Force to the Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme.

Uppingham School Contact Information

  • Telephone: 01572 820611
  • Location: Uppingham School, High Street, Uppingham, LE15 9QE, United Kingdom
  • Official Website: uppingham.co.uk
  • Email: [email protected]

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